Now East London Mosque Does Not Support the Killing of American Troops in America


I am truly, truly, truly disturbed.   I wrote before about the shameful attempts to smear me, our Brothers Osama Saeed and Azad Ali and the forces of good hegemony over our past statements concerning Anwar al-Awlaki, and his tour-guide business to Somalia.

I cannot stress enough that I refute any allegations that these past statements reflect a desire to see American troops being killed in America.  I am now disgusted to see similar allegations being made against the truly inspiring East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre.  The Khatib, or primary iman of this place of worship and community outreach is Shaykh Abdul Qayyum, a man of peace, who has also been the target of neo-con smear-attempts for his support for the Palestinian people.

In an article, the notoriously right-wing The Times stated:

This year a video lecture by Mr Awlaki was delivered at the East London mosque under the banner “The End of Time” with a poster depicting New York in flames. The mosque said that an outside group had used its facilities for the event.

It is truly disengenuous to attempt to link promotion literature for this eschatological discussion to a support for terrorism.  Look, for instance, at the promotion literature for the upcoming blockbuster, 2012.  Why is this not being condemned?

Obviously, our Brothers at the mosque were most disturbed, and wrote immediately a letter of clarification to The Times, which was not published.  They wrote a second letter, which The Times has seen fit to publish:

Sir, Contrary to reports in The Times (Nov 12), Anwar Al-Awlaki did not give a lecture via video link at an event held at the East London Mosque on January 1, 2009.

The article implied that the event was organised by the East London Mosque. The event titled the “End of Time” was a private ticketed event, organised by an external company called Noor Pro Media, which hired the London Muslim Centre (LMC).

The East London Mosque hires its facilities (LMC) to all members of the community, Muslim or non, with the proviso that nothing unlawful takes place. The centre has a robust hiring policy to ensure this, and as far as we are aware, nothing illegal and/or extreme took place at this event.

We unequivocally condemn the actions of Major Hasan, and the reported statement of Anwar Al-Awlaki expressing support for him.

Shaynul Khan
Assistant Executive Director
East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre

I think this is reasonable.  I am unsure why the ELM did not heed warnings prior to the event from The Telegraph or leader of the opposition at Tower Hamlets, Cllr Peter Golds, as reported by The East London Advertiser but this matter should now be put to rest and wounds allowed to heal.


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