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Thurso Under Ice


I dreaded to think in what condition roads are in the countryside, as I stottered around Thurso today.  Even streets in the middle of town were lethal, and the paths and side-streets elsewhere in town barely have been touched since the snow-falls at last weekend.

I had foolishly left my pathway  untended, and relented on Xmas Day by setting about it with an axe and shovel.  Because of the unrelenting cold, hitting Caithness and the north, all this resulted in was a sheen of black ice this morning.

I did see a single-seat gritter in Mount Pleasant for the first time, as one chuntered past this morning at 0730 hrs (triple time).

Angus Robertson Should Appear in Leadership Debate


Eddie Barnes, writing in the Scotsman, describes a compromise for regional political parties which feel left out of the proposed televized debate between leaders of the three main Westminster political parties.  Like a football match, they should play for the full 90 minutes with the regional parties coming on for a spell at extra time.

I do not have any objections to this, and would welcome the opportunitiy for the SNP leader in Westminster to promote his party’s vision for Scotland.

Message to Alex Salmond: BOHICA


First Minister’s Questions on 17 December included an approach from Scottish Labour leader, Iain Gray about how much Education Minister, Mike Russell knew about his former constituency office manager’s double-life as a guttersnipe-blogger.

Perhaps unaccustomed to not being able to lead a jeering pack against his political opponents on the floor of Scottish Parliament, Salmond chastised Gray for not raising questions about anything else issues such as UN climate change talks in Copenhagen or the collapse of Scottish airline Flyglobespan.

The reasons are simple. The Scottish Executive does not have UN status, despite Salmond’s begging letters in 2007, or a Foreign Office which would arguably have given it an interest in the summit; as Salmond found out when shuffled into a side-room after expending air-miles and carbon stains to arrive unannounced.

Although domestic Scottish interests have definitely been affected by Flyglobespan going into administration, this had been confirmed only the previous day. It would have been rash for an elected politician to make any sweeping statements about the issue, and a waste of valuble FMQ time to direct a statement potentially as simple as calling for an inquiry (which, with a suitable consideration period, has now been made).

The primary duty of MPs and MSPs should not be acting as glorified Citizens’ Advice Bureau volunteers or sparing other politicians from embarassment, but of holding their respective Executives to account.

Mike Russell: Political Equivalent of a Fart in a Spacesuit


Much to Fish-heid McMoonface’s chagrin, Mike “Pied Noir” Russell and Mark “Smear-Meister” MacLachlan continue to huff and puff and threaten to blow each other’s house in.

I have negliable sympathy for MacLachlan – who thinks it would be spiffing that an independent Scotland have US-style mass-immigration with a British-style welfare state, although he has yet to point to a business plan – who either resigned or was pushed as Russell’s constituency office manager after being identified as the scabrous Montague Burton of The Universality of Cheese blog.

Various titilatory but unsubstantiated allegations about political rivals had been pushed, and was to include allegations of the sexuality of a married MSP. Unless this individual was a public promoter of “family values” or an anti-gay position, MacLachlan struck as even less reputable than Kenneth Gunn.

There is no freedom-of-speech issue here. Within a lot of reason, I would accept the presence of such personal blogs: just not by paid political staffers of public servants. If I felt so inclined, I have little doubt I could find choice words from the Fish-heid on the Derek Draper unt Damian McBride disgrace, a scant six months previously.

If MacLachlan wishes to embarass his pockets by launching a claim for unfair dismissal, by all means. Any claims that Russell knew about his actions are a Don’t Tell Him Pike moment.

The problem comes considering that following his resignation, Russell thundered that he had no knowledge of the blog ran by his closest private employee. This changed to an equivocating “didn’t know about its contents” during the Home Knitted STV News on 17 December.

Thus, it is a great pity that Russell had not not waited until MacLachlan had publicized details of an e-mail trail which indicated senior SNP employees and elected representatives knew of and offered suggestions for the blog. Even more of a pity that he had not waited before threatening to sue MacLachlan for defamation.

British libel laws are dismal enough, but politicians accuse each other of lying and not caring for the public interest all the time. For one to threaten to sue when he is called a liar is like a boxer who calls the Police when someone lands a punch.

Scotland, wha’ like us? None, thank fuck.

I Didn’t Want Him Buried With the Tricolour


“I think he besmirched it”.

Gerry Adams on the formal Irish Republican funeral afforded to his father, who has now been revealed as having physically and sexually abused members of his own family.

It Obviously Tests Your Faith in Humanity


Gerry Adams speaking on the revelations that his late father sexually abused members of his family, and that his brother is now wanted in connexion with allegations of the sexual abuse of his neice.

Scottish Deputy First Minister to Attend Speech by Hamas Officials



Greetings all. Truly inspiring news for our comrades in Glasgow, and all comrades committed to the socialist and non-hegemonic principles being pursued by the Scottish Government in order to bring this nation into the post-colonial and post-capitalist age.

One of the most pressing issues currently to face Scotland is the continuing plight of Gaza; protest against which was shamefully silenced by the weird pro-Zionist enclave within the Celtic Movement.

A truly harrowing image of the effects of Zionist restrictions can be seen below:

Look, no coffee or pasta or footballs in sight! The cruelty!

Thus, I am truly pleased to report that from 1700 hrs on 11 December, Glasgow Central Mosque will host an exhibition, and video link to Gaza officials.

I was truly honoured to have been in the presence of one Gaza official, Ziad al-Zaza, the Minister for National Economy when our comrade George Galloway generously donated his beleaguered government money during the children’s crusade Viva Palestina mission to Gaza which I joined.

I hope to hear from him again.

It should be a source of pride for the Scottish Government that their Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon will be present in the audience on 11 December. Cross-party support will come from Pauline McNeill, the Chair of the only Holyrood cross-party group dedicated to one specific region of the world.

After all, SNP fundamentalist, Margo Macdonald considers Palestinian Arabs in the 21st Century to be the same as a warring nation 800 years ago.

This truly inspiring event is to be arranged by Friends of Al-Aqsa, whose founder, Ismail Patel is also scheduled to speak. Also a spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative, he is a close political ally of Mohammed Sawalha who has been named as a fugitive Hamas commander; and Azzam Tamimi who would detonate himself against Israelis if only he were given a visa.

Patel knows what Jews should and should not believe, and knows that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

“Hamas is no terrorist organisation. The reason they hate Hamas is because they refuse to be subjugated, occupied by the Israeli state, and we salute Hamas for standing up to Israel.” … “…to the state of Israel: you no longer represent the Jewish people. You have no moral authority to speak for the Jewish people when thousands of Jews are against what you are doing. And finally, to the British Jewish Board of Deputies, shame on you, to work, to promote the genocide of the Palestinian people and the war crimes of the Israeli government. You do not speak for the British Jewry who today have signed in the Guardian against the Jewish government, what it is doing to the Palestinian people. Shame on the British Jewish Board of Deputies.”