Scottish Deputy First Minister to Attend Speech by Hamas Officials


Greetings all. Truly inspiring news for our comrades in Glasgow, and all comrades committed to the socialist and non-hegemonic principles being pursued by the Scottish Government in order to bring this nation into the post-colonial and post-capitalist age.

One of the most pressing issues currently to face Scotland is the continuing plight of Gaza; protest against which was shamefully silenced by the weird pro-Zionist enclave within the Celtic Movement.

A truly harrowing image of the effects of Zionist restrictions can be seen below:

Look, no coffee or pasta or footballs in sight! The cruelty!

Thus, I am truly pleased to report that from 1700 hrs on 11 December, Glasgow Central Mosque will host an exhibition, and video link to Gaza officials.

I was truly honoured to have been in the presence of one Gaza official, Ziad al-Zaza, the Minister for National Economy when our comrade George Galloway generously donated his beleaguered government money during the children’s crusade Viva Palestina mission to Gaza which I joined.

I hope to hear from him again.

It should be a source of pride for the Scottish Government that their Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon will be present in the audience on 11 December. Cross-party support will come from Pauline McNeill, the Chair of the only Holyrood cross-party group dedicated to one specific region of the world.

After all, SNP fundamentalist, Margo Macdonald considers Palestinian Arabs in the 21st Century to be the same as a warring nation 800 years ago.

This truly inspiring event is to be arranged by Friends of Al-Aqsa, whose founder, Ismail Patel is also scheduled to speak. Also a spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative, he is a close political ally of Mohammed Sawalha who has been named as a fugitive Hamas commander; and Azzam Tamimi who would detonate himself against Israelis if only he were given a visa.

Patel knows what Jews should and should not believe, and knows that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

“Hamas is no terrorist organisation. The reason they hate Hamas is because they refuse to be subjugated, occupied by the Israeli state, and we salute Hamas for standing up to Israel.” … “…to the state of Israel: you no longer represent the Jewish people. You have no moral authority to speak for the Jewish people when thousands of Jews are against what you are doing. And finally, to the British Jewish Board of Deputies, shame on you, to work, to promote the genocide of the Palestinian people and the war crimes of the Israeli government. You do not speak for the British Jewry who today have signed in the Guardian against the Jewish government, what it is doing to the Palestinian people. Shame on the British Jewish Board of Deputies.”


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4 Responses to “Scottish Deputy First Minister to Attend Speech by Hamas Officials”

  1. Aid Kahn Says:

    hi there- there seems to be a very strong stench of sarcasm from this article.
    I have investicated these “Hamas” claims and found them entirely baseless. The General Secretary of Glasgow Central Mosque has assured me “the Gaza officials” are doctors and teachers from the establishments that recieved aid from Edinburgh Direct Aid earlier this year.
    I will make a point to attend this event and show support for the oppressed citizens of Gaza.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    I would have preferred sardony or satire, but I’ll settle for sarcasm. The official flyer for this event refers to “Gaza officials”, not “officials in Gaza” which would have cast the doubt you claim.

    Are you uncomfortable with being associated with Hamas?

    Furthermore, as this is being organized by the Friends of Al-Aqsa, with the GCM merely hosted it, the former would be a better point of contact (and your e-mail address suggests you’re associated with it).

    There are many ways to show support for Gazans. Opposing a kleptocratic, incestuous, nepotistic religio-political party which is trying the patience even of the UNRWA, and seized executive power to which it had no mandate is one. Persuading them to reject the rejectionalism of their political elite, which is bank-rolled by a well-funded foreign cohort and consistently has its bad-behaviour rewarded is another.

    There are many places in the world I wouldn’t like to live. Gaza is one, being a down-at-heel (albeit functioning) metropolis. If the inhabitants, or you, wish ‘essentials’ such as coffee and pasta and footballs to be insupply, you could try campaigning for an end to the shelling of Israeli civilian areas, including school-runs.

    The image of a well-stocked market comes from a supposedly pro-Palestinian Arab website. It could show a little bit of self-awareness.

    None of this explains why this event merits the attendance of Nicola Strugeon.

  3. gulbudin hekmatyar Says:

    efrafandays, interesting comments!

    1. Hamas was democratically elected in elections that were supervised by EU parliamentarians who will confirm that indeed the results were representative of the actual support Hamas had

    2. The shelling of israelis areas? ?????? pehaps you dont get media coverage where you are ……..? last i saw, Palestinian children where bombed by white phosphorus in UN run schools. i see international aid workers walking Palestinian children to schools, acting as human sheilds from israeli trigger happy, setllers and teenage soldiers.

    3. “Opposing a kleptocratic, incestuous, nepotistic religio-political party which is trying the patience even of the UNRWA” ………………… very accrurate description of the current israeli government i must say

    4. finaly the attendance of many officials from all walk of Scottish life are attending including judges, trade unions, just about every faith leaders available including the jewish faith, for one reason and one reason alone.


    i trust this clarifies your misconceptions dear friend.

  4. efrafandays Says:

    Dude, is this the acid-splashing Gulbidden Hekmatyar himself??? Have you seen your mate, Dawalat Khan Nasir recently?

    [1] I said executive power, not regional government. And even then, Hamas received only ~ 40% of the vote but proceeded to seize 100% of the power (and control of fenceless roof-tops, or shooting rights in hospitals);

    [2] Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. If you’d only said a UN-run school – which may have been being used as an arms-dump and/or command post – had Israeli shells land in its perimeter or nearby, you’d have been factually true… but you had to spoil it with that chocolate salty balls.

    … yes, it’s true. Sderot and Ashkelon ain’t good places to live. Admittedly, not many [not enough?] civilians, especially children, are killed but if I took a six-shooter with no reloads and started firing randomly down Sauchiehall Street… oh don’t worry, I’m not going to, get out from behind the settee… I suspect Nicola Sturgeon would find reasons not to attend!

    [3] No it’s not;

    [4] Please do give a full list. Judges??? I don’t recall having any say in appointing those representatives of my tribe, and take claims of tolerance from Roman Catholic and Protestant clerics – who, just a few years ago, were telling their children that t’others were going to Hell – very weakly.


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