Mike Russell: Political Equivalent of a Fart in a Spacesuit

Much to Fish-heid McMoonface’s chagrin, Mike “Pied Noir” Russell and Mark “Smear-Meister” MacLachlan continue to huff and puff and threaten to blow each other’s house in.

I have negliable sympathy for MacLachlan – who thinks it would be spiffing that an independent Scotland have US-style mass-immigration with a British-style welfare state, although he has yet to point to a business plan – who either resigned or was pushed as Russell’s constituency office manager after being identified as the scabrous Montague Burton of The Universality of Cheese blog.

Various titilatory but unsubstantiated allegations about political rivals had been pushed, and was to include allegations of the sexuality of a married MSP. Unless this individual was a public promoter of “family values” or an anti-gay position, MacLachlan struck as even less reputable than Kenneth Gunn.

There is no freedom-of-speech issue here. Within a lot of reason, I would accept the presence of such personal blogs: just not by paid political staffers of public servants. If I felt so inclined, I have little doubt I could find choice words from the Fish-heid on the Derek Draper unt Damian McBride disgrace, a scant six months previously.

If MacLachlan wishes to embarass his pockets by launching a claim for unfair dismissal, by all means. Any claims that Russell knew about his actions are a Don’t Tell Him Pike moment.

The problem comes considering that following his resignation, Russell thundered that he had no knowledge of the blog ran by his closest private employee. This changed to an equivocating “didn’t know about its contents” during the Home Knitted STV News on 17 December.

Thus, it is a great pity that Russell had not not waited until MacLachlan had publicized details of an e-mail trail which indicated senior SNP employees and elected representatives knew of and offered suggestions for the blog. Even more of a pity that he had not waited before threatening to sue MacLachlan for defamation.

British libel laws are dismal enough, but politicians accuse each other of lying and not caring for the public interest all the time. For one to threaten to sue when he is called a liar is like a boxer who calls the Police when someone lands a punch.

Scotland, wha’ like us? None, thank fuck.


2 Responses to “Mike Russell: Political Equivalent of a Fart in a Spacesuit”

  1. sm753 Says:

    That is a truly marvellous picture of the (soon to be toasted) weasel.

    I’ve just stolen it for my blog.

  2. Blogger Mark MacLachlan Arrested « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] relates to his ex-blog, Universality of Cheese which was used to make scurrilous remarks about opposition politicians with shades of the Dolly Draper und Damian […]

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