Angus Robertson Should Appear in Leadership Debate

Eddie Barnes, writing in the Scotsman, describes a compromise for regional political parties which feel left out of the proposed televized debate between leaders of the three main Westminster political parties.  Like a football match, they should play for the full 90 minutes with the regional parties coming on for a spell at extra time.

I do not have any objections to this, and would welcome the opportunitiy for the SNP leader in Westminster to promote his party’s vision for Scotland.


2 Responses to “Angus Robertson Should Appear in Leadership Debate”

  1. subrosa Says:

    Very American if I may say so. I also think UKIP etc ought to be allowed on the platform otherwise it’s just a farce the whole thing.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    One counter example I use for Salmond’s demands that he be included is, indeed, why not UKip? They at least field candidates inpotentially every constituency, and are aiming for control of Westminster (even if it’s much, much less likely that the LibDems).

    The style of this debate still misses the point, I think. Yes, it is American, but not vulgarly so. Just confusedly so, as the candidates for the US Presidency are being voted for directly, not by way of a few thousand voters in margional constituencies who’d decide on raw numbers of MPs.

    All the more reason to do away with this bizarre system we have in the UK. One hundred years ago, on appointment to Cabinet, MPs had to stand for re-election.

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