A Reason Not to Talk About Political Assassination

I am intelligent and urbane, and never would take an interest in anything like the Danish Motoons.   Not because I think “Enlightenment principles” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word for “I have my head up my backside and am looking for my spectacles, oh what a decadent fool am I”, but they were badly drawn.  That is just vulgar.

When I hear of axe-attacks on one of the caricaturists and his five year old grand-daughter, I make an exception (see right):

“I locked myself in our safe room and alerted the police. He tried to smash the entrance door with an axe, but he didn’t manage.” – Kurt Westergaard.

Danish Police arriving immediately afterwards, confronted the assailant and shot him in the arm and leg.   There are few details about his identity, but he is known to be a Somali resident in Denmark, and appears to have active links with the al Shabaab “Shake Your Boobies” armed-group in Somalia.  Recent attempts to remove him from Denmark are reported to have been rejected by the European Court on Human Rights as he may have faced torture or execution for his role in a regional war.

Fortunately, for those who wish not to talk about the nature of this piece of performance art, Westergaard admits to retreating to panic-room without his grand-daughter as his would-be attacker went all Shining. Thus, instead of offering Scandinavian solidarity (in Norwegian), the focus can be placed on this gut-wrenching detail.

On account of my knowing somewhere between nothing and next to nothing about how the attack panned out – such as the room layout or the grand-daughter’s relative location (even if her presence was known) or how close the attacker came to catching Westergaard – I will defer such judgement.


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