Viva Palestina Convoy Results in More Deaths than Lives it Saved

Body of Egyptian Border Police Killed During Viva Palestina Protest

What did they expect? What did the apostles and holy fools on the Children’s Crusade which was the latest gas-guzzling, and finance-expending Viva Palestina convoy to a down-at-heel but functioning metropolis expect?

Four communiqués from the Egyptian authorities to the convoy organizers on the established procedures for approaching the Egyptian/Gazan border had gone unanswered by the George Galloway, who continued writing various pieces for the Scottish Daily Record announcing his intention to continue.

Understandably, the Egyptian authorities took a dim view to a loud-mouthed Scot telling them what to do (perfectly understandable response), and initially simply beat aforementioned apostles and holy fools:

The screams of ‘protestors’ accustomed to Western trained security forces are not as informative as the looks and cries of genuine shock at 1 min 35 sec when an Egyptian Police dared strike a Western ‘peace activist’. This is followed by a distant shot of a city otherwise getting on with its daily life, with the event being no more than a few dozen feet across.

All could have been laughed off, had the protest not moved to the Rafah junction – who could refuse the demands of Western peace activists merely wishing to cross a border? In the ensuing skirmish, involving Hamasniks on the Gaza side, one 21 year old Egyptian border-guard named Ahmed Shaaban (not the footballer) was killed; and Egyptian authorities and newspapers are of little doubt the fatal shot was fired from Gaza.


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One Response to “Viva Palestina Convoy Results in More Deaths than Lives it Saved”

  1. In Speyside No-One Can Hear You Scream « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] being deported by a tinpot dictators was Ahmed Shaaban. This 21 year old Egyptian border guard was killed during a gun-battle as Galloway’s Viva Palestina convoy forewent access to Gaza by a side-route […]

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