In Speyside No-One Can Hear You Scream

George Galloway writes in the Daily Record about the shameful treatment meted out to honest effendis by Egyptian Police, who then required the effendis to pay their airfare home. Despite having been declared the most non grata of personas, he vows that Hosni Mubarak ain’t seen nothing yet.

What, Al Jonson?

One person who provided vital assistance to Galloway’s reward of this badge of honour of being deported by a tinpot dictators was Ahmed Shaaban. This 21 year old Egyptian border guard was killed during a gun-battle as Galloway’s Viva Palestina convoy forewent access to Gaza by a side-route but attempted to break through at the Rafah junction.

Observe Galloway acknowledging him:

In the Record article, Galloway informs the reader that footage of this brutality is available on the Internet. I assume he means this recording:

I am informed at 2 min 17 sec, right after an elderly effendi draped in a rainbow robe proclaiming “Peace” is seen, the charming ditty which starts up is, “فلسطين ! فلسطين ! معك كلنا الى يوم الدين Falisteen! Falisteen! ma’ak kulna ila youma deen”… that is, “Palestine, Palestine, we are with you until Judgement Day”.

Further details on this can be found in the Seventh Clause of the Hamas Covenant.


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