Alex Salmond Alerts Police to Drugs Producer

Alex Salmond has brought to the attention of the Home Office a fugitive from the Police. Chinese national, Zheng Bin had remained in the UK follow his unsuccessfull claim for asylum in 1998. In 2007, he was arrested in connexion with cannibas production, but absconded from court.

He next came to Police attention in December 2009, following a raid by the Border Agency on the Shining Pearl restaurant, where he was now working opposite Salmond’s Peterhead constituency office.

Aware of his past, Samond immediately wrote to the Home Secretary asking for his arrest record to be taken into account… well, no he did not. He wrote, on request of the restaurant owner, asking for Zheng to be granted indefinite leave to remain on account of his “integrating well into the local community”.

What a fool.

Now challenged, he claims he was “duty bound” to do so. Not only is his understanding of internationalism and the rule of law somewhat lacking, he also cannot commit but insists that he did the hilariously wrong thing because he had to.

Salmond was no more “duty bound” than his fellow SNP MP, Mike Weir was when he campaignedfor the release of James McLintock, aka Yakub Mohammed (or the “Tartan Taleban”). Another of those innocent charity workers who had gone to Afghanistan at about the the b52s were a’hunting, McLintock had a habit of being re-arrested on terrorism-related charges at home and abroad (when he continued to receive the ‘required’ support of Weir).

As Tom Harris MP says:

“If any MP is approached by an employer regarding helping someone whose application for asylum has been refused, alarm bells should immediately start ringing,” said Tom Harris, a Labour MP.

“A person whose application for asylum has been rejected should not have an employer because they cannot work in the United Kingdom. Every MP knows that.”

And this is our national leader. Scotland, wha’ like us? None, thank fuck.


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8 Responses to “Alex Salmond Alerts Police to Drugs Producer”

  1. subrosa Says:

    Bit of a mess for Salmond I admit. He shouldn’t have made any application for an illegal without doing proper checks which he obviously didn’t do.

    The businessman he respects has made the fool of him because he employed an illegal. It goes on all the time over the UK I understand – employers asking MPs for help with this.

    Surely Salmond knows the area around Peterheid has one of the highest percentage of drug users. Nae wunner this bloke’s well liked.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Yeah, Rosie, I was thinking exactly that about Peterheid! It’s also got a Satanism problem, I recall.

    I would be prepared to bet tuppence that Fish-heid McMoonface was blinded by his own nationalism and anti-Westminster bent… the *UK* Border Authority wanted to deport Zheng, ergo he was a victim in need of help.

    I especially liked this similarly self-absolving comment from the restaurant owner:

    Mr Yau now faces a fine of up to £30,000 for employing illegal workers. He said: “I’m angry at Zheng for not letting me know the situation.”

    No, it would be your fault for not checking.

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  4. bigrab Says:

    I suppose though Salmond’s faux pas is hardly in the David Blunkett or Lembit Opik class. Seems to me that Samond has done something in innocent good faith.

    I suppose though we can expect the spotlight to fall increasingly on the least sleaze ridden party in Scotland as the media realises that vested interests are under threat.

    But yes Salmond has been a fool in this case.

  5. efrafandays Says:

    From a member of the public, yes, Rab. Just as, however, a GP who prescribed drugs on request of a patient without basic checks should be investigated, so should Salmond. He had additional responsibilities as MP, MSP and FM.

    Furthermore, his singular lack of contrition and attempt to claim he was “duty bound” is distasteful.

    I would actually say the Tories are the least sleaze-ridden party in Scotland, not least considering the issue of the SNP gifted UK taxpayer’s money to fund the vanity project of their terrorist-supporting PPC for Glasgow Central and to rake in Muslim bloc votes.

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