SNP Response to Criticism: Lies or Vituperation

… or both. I wrote yesterday on Alex Salmond’s novel approach to anti-narcotic policing in which he petitioned the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson to grant indefinite leave to remain for Chinese national, Zheng Bin (not the footballer) who was working illegally in Salmond’s constituency and who later turned out to have been sought by Police for cannabis cultivation and absconding from court.

Today’s Daily Record sheds new light on the chronology.

Salmond wrote Johnson on 21 December to request that Zheng’s rejected asylum claim be overturned, in response to a request from Zheng’s current employer and Peterhead restaurateur, David Yau. Although it did not occur to Salmond that anyone whose asylum claim had been rejected should not be working, it does appear to have occurred to the UK Borders Agency which raided Yau’s premises in early January; and found another illegal worker.

I would have to have been a fly on the wall when Salmond’s letter was read in Marsham Street!

From the Daily Record:

Salmond’s spokesman said: “This is a completely ridiculous and wrong-headed story.

“All MPs make hundreds of representations on behalf of constituents – that is their job – and it is job of the authorities to process applications.

There is the vituperation.

“Mr Salmond wrote the letter on behalf of a respected and award-winning businessman, David Yau which he is duty-bound to do as the local MP.

No, you were not, you chubby reactionary.

”Mr Yau made his representation in good faith and has made it clear that he had no knowledge of the outstanding warrant – which no doubt came to light as a result of the application itself.

He employed a foreign national without making the necessary checks, and Salmond failed to add two and two together or making elementary enquiries.

“That was the responsibility of the authorities.”

No, it would have been yours. So much for civic nationalism.


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