Cllr Terry Kelly: the Jews Need Another Holocaust for Sympathy

Labour Councillor Terry Kelly represents Ward Four in Paisley North West. He is a socialist, although what stripe of socialist is unclear.

He blogs as ‘Councillor Terry Kelly‘ and comments on Comment is Free as ‘cllrterrykelly‘.

He also has a line in accusing his detractors of suffering from mental illness – which, bizarrely, has made me feel sorry for Iris Robinson – as a recent shindig at Harry’s Place showed.

He even believes he can taste political methods in a lemon or glass of wine.

I support the boycott and here’s the reason why; I can taste Apartheid in an outspan lemon pie. I can smell the Verwoerd in a Capetown Sherry wine; I support the boycott all along the line.

Whatever you say, Terry.  If that happened to me, I would assume I was coming down with either a migraine or schizophrenic episode.   You do realize that the first multi-party elections in South Africa took place in 1994?

He uses “Israelis” and “Jews” interchangeably, and appears to believe for Jews to expect sympathy is to return to threat of an oncoming genocide.

Don’t buy Israeli goods; don’t have dealings with Israel; don’t visit the place; ban sporting contacts with them; shun them for the vile racists they are; force them through an economic blockade to do the decent thing. Force them to act as they once did; when their treatment under the Nazis won them the respect and affection of most of the world; many people like me remain livid at the Behaviour of the Israeli State; behaviour that has made many of us move from being massively sympathetic to the suffering of the Jews to being livid at the way they continue to treat the Palestinians.

for as long as I can remember I have never knowingly bought anything that was from Israel; nor have I ever knowingly given any kind of succour to their settler state;

Well, Terry, your computer is almost certainly running on an Intel chip developed at the Technion in Haifa. You can stop blogging now.

UPDATE – Over at Chez Kelly, he states that the Guardian registration was a forgery, as was the visitation to Harry’s Place.   Based on this, I would be prepared to retract those claims by me that they were himself.

He has been granted a guest post at Harry’s Place to discuss this and expand on the comments on his blog which I discussed above.

I hope he has kevlar lined shoes and shin-pads.



10 Responses to “Cllr Terry Kelly: the Jews Need Another Holocaust for Sympathy”

  1. Yoni Says:

    “You do realize that the first multi-party elections in South Africa took place in 1994?”

    Nah, that’s a Je… err, Isr… err, Zionist lie.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    It’s an Israeli site, it’s a mistranslation… oh, it’s in English… bollocks.

  3. Clairwil Says:

    Christ. I’ve been skim reading that cretins blog for years and that sentence had totally escaped my notice. It’s been a long time since I believed that clown had the capacity to shock me, outwith the many quite abusive personal attacks he’s made on me over the years but clearly I was wrong. That is a truly shocking, wicked thing to say, even by his gutter standards. Shameful- both on his part for saying it and the part of readers such as myself who failed to notice it.

    If any of you are thinking of complaining to the Labour party -and I certainly will be- please do so without any great expectation of his deselection or any disciplinary action being taken. In my experience they was their hands of him and his hateful blog because it has a disclaimer on it to the effect that these are not Labour party views. Personally I don’t think that is good enough and I doubt they’d be so blase about a blog from a party member that advocated a return to ni***r lynching as a means of highlighting racist attitudes.

    I’ve known this man was a horrible, bullying swine for many years but I would never have believed he was as capable of this kind of hate speech as he clearly is.

  4. efrafandays Says:

    I’m flabbergasted that I was unaware of him (unlike John “We’re All Hezbollah Now” Wight, say) until a couple of days ago at Mr. Eugenides, and even then I thought people were spoofing.

    I think this goes even beyond a loose-cannon in local politics, and is counts as a potential incitement to violence.

  5. yoni Says:

    The so-called ‘Labour’ party won’t do anything. They ceased having anything to do with true Labour politics many years ago, just as they have lost any semblance of morality, integrity and courage many years ago. The current bunch prostrate themselves before any thug, bully and racist, homegrown and foreign, and the more antisemitic those racist thugs are the better.
    (and the so-called ‘Liberal-Democrats’ elevate antisemites to the Lords).

  6. yoni Says:

    Of course it’s incitement to violence. But only against Jews. In today’s shameful Britain, that simply doesn’t count. Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. Clairwil Says:

    ‘a potential incitement to violence’

    I think it’s a clear incitement. How can Jews be forced them to act as they once did……under the Nazis without everyone dishing out a bit of Nazi style behaviour?

    I think Yoni is probably right re the Labour Party, nevertheless not complaining let’s them maintain that they are unaware of his views. If they don’t want to act -fine. At least we’ll all know where we stand.

  8. efrafandays Says:

    Well, I’ve got Mark MacLachlan elsewhere in the Warren picking up on the most asinine choice of words, so I decided to be hedge my bets.

    I’ve taken a screen-dump of the offending page, and written to Renfrewshire Council making clear I am prepared to consider all other legal avenues.

  9. Mr Eugenides Says:

    Careful about taking legal action; you’ve used his photo without permission.

  10. efrafandays Says:

    I think he looked quite sweet.

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