Parents Call for Dismissal of Caithness Headmistress

Castletown Primary

This week’s Caithness Courier reports on a mass complaint from parents of pupils at Castletown Primary School, and calls for the dismissal of headmistress, Sheila Malcolm.

Shortly before the Xmas break-up, it is reported that “extreme soiling” was discovered in the girls’ toilets used by Primaries One through to Five: this was not the first occurrence, according to school staff.


In her letter to parents following the incident on December 21, the head teacher said there had once again been “an unfortunate situation regarding extreme soiling in the girls’ toilet”. She added that in order to prevent cross-infection and to ensure no child was left in an uncomfortable condition for the entire afternoon, it was decided it would be “in all the children’s best interest to check all the girls’ underwear”.

She also urged parents to talk to their youngsters and reassure them that if an accident happens and they notify an adult “they will be dealt with sympathetically”.


Parents are reported as being typically “furious” and no longer trusting of Malcolm. I have no knowledge or links to the school, so do not know of Malcolm’s performance otherwise; but some parents interviewed implicitly stated she have previously been held in high regard.

The principle objection appears to have been that inspections took place in front of those other children being inspected. Although this was an extraordinary situation, and one which the staff placed effort into handling sympathetically, I can appreciate that this was highly crass.

One parent was quoted as saying “a child soiled their underwear the teacher would have been able to detect the culprit by sense of smell”. Barring a close inspection which would have been even more traumatic, I doubt this very much.



5 Responses to “Parents Call for Dismissal of Caithness Headmistress”

  1. Stuart Says:

    I’m not sure that I agree with this blog post. I think you have over stated your case and have run in to hyperbole. It started well, but after a few hours of reading through, it began to drift in to a terrible bias, backed up by little in the way evidence. :)

  2. Kellie Strøm Says:

    I beg to differ – your best yet! More like this please.

  3. Полезный идиот Says:

    Oh yes, let this be an exemplary model for your comments at Harry’s Place too…

  4. efrafandays Says:

    Ha. As an explanation for the above, for some reason the text vanished when I uploaded. I’ve restored it, but will leave these as it makes me look popular.

  5. Stuart Says:


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