Public Sector Employee Declines a Bonus

FIFE POLICE’S Chief Constable Norma Graham has confirmed that she will turn down her bonus, given the ongoing furore over public sector bonuses.

A UK-wide bonus scheme for all chief police officers was introduced back in 2004, with salary grades reduced with a view to the difference being accommodated through performance-related bonus.

With public anger continuing to boil over about bonuses, both in the public and private sectors, Mrs Graham has confirmed that she feels it is not right to seek a bonus.

She said, “My personal view is that the bonus culture does not sit comfortably with public sector organisations and in this difficult climate I have made it known that I will not be seeking a bonus.

“Fife Constabulary is a successful force that, in working with others, has achieved year-on-year reductions in crime and disorder and is focused on tackling the issues that matter most to local people.

“As chief constable my ambition is to take policing closer to the communities of Fife and my performance will be measured on the delivery of the policing plan, a key priority of which is the force-wide rollout of the community engagement model.”


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