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Terrence Higgins Trust Does Not Get It


Mark Devereux is a sexual predator who engaged in sexual intercourse with a number of women over a period of many years despite being aware of HIV infection.  In January this year, he was convicted at Edinburgh High Court for reckless and culpable conduct in connexion with four of his sexual partners: one of whom discovered she was infected after becoming pregnant with twins.

She felt compelled to abort her foetuses.

At the time, I discussed HIV Scotland’s apparent fear that this would set some sort of worrying precedent and dissuade others from approaching HIV/AIDS charities especially where no harm had occurred (my emphasis).

In one of its first sittings at in Dumbarton, the High Court has sentenced Devereux to ten years in gaol,

Michael Carter, writing on the AIDSMAP website continues to express a similar view to HIV Scotland.  This, we are told is the first British case in which an individual has been convicted for engaging in sexual intercourse with a partner who was not infected.

Realization that one woman was infected appears to have slipped the attention of those making public statements, and it is possible that the jury and sentencing judge took account of this.


Stringer Bell Rejects Offers of Alliance With Small Business Federation


An unelected cleric has launched a broadside against an elected member of an elected Government who had the temerity to seek a bloc vote from one religious confessional.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, for it is he, believes he represents 800,000 mythical Scottish Roman Catholics and that Jim Murphy, for it was he, represents a Government which has abandoned family values and fails to recognize that homosexuals are pirsoners of sexual aberration.

The Cardinal is a man who wears a dress.

One in the Eye for Alex Salmond


In order to address “Scotland’s growing obesity problem” (TM.), the Elders of the Calvinist Republic have released a statement which, even considering whatever else they said, still includes a suggestion that eateries could be required to reduce the size of serving-portions.

For my tea, I consumed 1/3 of a packet of pasta and a ratatouille-like mix consisting of a tin of cannellini beans and one of tomatoes, with various mushrooms and carrots and leeks. And garlic.

Refusing to Condemn the Vandalism of a Synagogue


What a barking-mad thread.  Yesterday, someone claiming to be Cllr. Terry Kelly (Labour, Ward Four of Paisley North West) appeared on my blog, taking objection to my thoughts on his declaring that Israelis/Jews should be forced “to act as they once did; when their treatment under the Nazis won them the respect and affection of most of the world”.

As visitations at other blogs by individuals claiming to be Kelly have later been disputed, and for Kelly to have lodged Police complaints, I was highly skeptical to begin with. I left a remark on his blog asking for confirmation, which was provided.

Buoyed by this, I wrote a new missive, including the straight-forward question to Kelly if he found the daubing of Hezbollah symbols outside Garnethill synagogue in August 2006 (reporting in the Glasgow Evening Times, and discussed at Engage Online).

A reasonable question, but one which the individual posting as Terry Kelly has steadfastly refused to answer. I would hope they would easily see the spite and threat in daubing a synagogue with Nazi symbols, but answering either in the affirmative or negative would put Kelly in a quandary.

… if he said it was acceptable, it would unarguably be a straight-forward antisemitic act. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of Israeli policy, a Jewish place of worship would have been attacked, and Jews-as-Jews associated with Israeli misdeeds;

… if he said it was unacceptable (which it is), it would be an implicit acceptance of Hezbollah symbols being unacceptable. This may meet with disagreement from luminaries attached to the Scottish PSC, such as the antisemitic John Wight who, at the time of the vandalism, was addressing spectators in Edinburgh and declaring all to be Hezbollah.

So, what should a follower-not-a-leader do? Say yes or no? Or, take the Fifth?

Down the Rabbit Hole with Councillor Terry Kelly


Councillor Terry Kelly represents Ward 4 of Paisley North West, and is some sort of socialist. When I first heard of his personal blog, I had to ask if it were a spoof as I could not believe such an individual could exist.

But, exist he does.

As discussed at the Sauce Bottle, a ketamine-addled vision of him appeared in one thread’s comments boxes, causing many to doubt the man’s sanity. Yet, all was not so, and it appeared this had been a highly developed Turing test, as a subsequent missive conceded.

Then attention turned to his own blog, including one missive which used “Jews” and “Israelis” interchangeably and, taken on face value, suggested the best way for Jews to win “the respect and affection of most of the world “gain sympathy would be to face a genocide.

I then compared these sentiments to those of Denis Avey, a British soldier who smuggled himself into the death-camps of Auschwitz and, aged 91, is in line to be made a Righteous Amongst Nations by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Time passed, and last night someone posting as Terry Kelly responded:

Someone told me about this reference to me and Allthough I don’t usually read other blogs, I read this and I recognise Mr. Avey as exactly the kind of man who won the sympathy and respect of people all over the world after the second world war.

I can’t help wondering now what Mr. Lavey thinks or would have thought of Israel today and what his reaction to the attack on Gaza approx 1 year ago is or would have been? Could someone hazard a guess without prejudice or invective and let me know?

Not wishing to be fooled again, I posted to Kelly’s own blog asking for confirmation, which he duly gave. The world-authority on Cllr. Terry Kelly, Clairwil, has resigned her position after being taken in my the forgery and not believing the Real McCoy.

I assume, therefore, that the Police complaint about his spoofing which Kelly initiated has come to nowt.

Okay, now to respond to Kelly’s remark:

[1] “Don’t usually read other blogs”, Terry? I would prefer not to admit to being ignorant of differing opinion and taking pride in my ignorance;

[2] Denis Avey is not Jewish, as your first paragraph implies;

[3] Please be consistent when spelling the man’s name;

[4] In the run-up to Holocaust Memorial Day this year, you opined on your blog:

I wonder if Israel will have the effrontery to award people with the “Righteous Among the Nations” award after they have finished cleaning away the blood of the children massacred by them, what moral authority does Israel now have, can Israel or anyone who supports their actions ever use the phrase “Righteous Among the Nations” again? and remember we still haven’t had the election yet, anyone with any shred of decency who is offered the award of “Righteous Among the Nations” should refuse to accept it and those who have this award should return it.

[4 cont…] Given that Avey is now accepting the blessing of Yad Yashem (no more synonymous with Israel as Jews are), I think it is safe to assume he does not share your views;

[5] Whatever the rights and wrongs – or, more accurately, both – of Israeli policy are, comparing it to Nazi actions is and always should be akin to turning up at a convention on black-on-black violence in white hoods and waving nooses, i.e. racial arson.

For what it is worth, I do not think that Kelly, as an individual, is an antisemite. Just a moron. In much of political Scotland there are similar figures – still rooted in a sectarian mindset in which they see unflinching support for whichever party/camp they are in as essential, and any criticism of it to be similarly unflinching support for their designated foes.

Poorly educated, inarticulate and lacking in any sense of proportion they look for easy, risk-free ceritudes (such as limiting their boycotting of Israeli products to olive oil and tomatoes in winter, and not pharmaceuticals or Intel chips) and, but for a quirk of fate, could be “cybernats”.

This does not excuse him. Considering Kelly’s interchanging of Jews and Israelis, and egregious offense in the Nazi-comparison, serious doubts exist in my mind of his being able to fairly represent Jewish constituents – or any other group which is designated the enemy by Kelly.

Paisley is at the centre of Scotland’s Jewish population, and during the Operation Summer Rain in 2006, a nearby synagogue was vandalized as shown to the right (HAT-TIP Engage Online).

The Corridors of Lilliput


The Corridors of Lilliput


Hawk No Longer Roosting


If when the ravens leave the Tower of London, the Kingdom will fall, what happens when the hawks leave the Scottish Parliament building?

Devine Retribution for Tommy McAvoy?


Tommy McAvoy, MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West has announced that he intends to stand down as MP after over 20 years.

This has come as a surprise to local party activists, who had seen McAvoy campaigned just a few days ago.  He was giving every sign of hoping to continue as MP and Party Whip.

Meanwhile, and completely off-topic, here is Jim Devine, soon-to-be ex-MP for Livingstone  insisting that his false expenses claims were done on the advice of an unidentified Party Whip.

Angry Blog Commenter


We all know them.