Alex Salmond Seeks Kudos for (Eventually) Behaving Properly

As Mr Eugenides discusses the metaphorical bathyscape from which to peer out in wonderment at the depths of human stupidity displayed by Jim Devine, Fish-heid McMoonface and the Sturgeon realize it may not be popular to flog dinner-dates for SNP funds.

It emerged last week that Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had each sold lunch dates at a party event in Glasgow.

The SNP has now said Mr Salmond also auctioned a further three lunches.

Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray accused Mr Salmond of “systematic abuse” of his position.

They have both insisted no parliamentary rules were broken.

Have they learned nothing from the within-the-letter-but-not-spirit of the rules over the Westminster expenses scandal?


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7 Responses to “Alex Salmond Seeks Kudos for (Eventually) Behaving Properly”

  1. Yoni Says:

    He is a disgusting little nonentity who doesn’t like Joos . What else is there to say about this turd?

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Salmond or Devine? Salmond would like anyone who could bring half a dozen votes to the SNP.

  3. subrosa Says:

    All parties auction dinner dates with leaders etc. It’s been going on all my lifetime. In fact, if I’d have had deep pockets 30 years ago I could have had lunch with Malcolm Rifkind and mor recently tea with Charlie Kennedy. I know labour do exactly the same but I’ve never had the desire to buy any of their raffle tickets or attend one of their ‘sale of the century’ auctions.

    This whole business is becoming hysterical nonsense.

  4. efrafandays Says:

    It’s not the actual luncheon appointment which gets my goat… it’s the use of the premises.

    After the Westminster expenses, I would have hoped that Salmond would be aware of just how little truck people now have with “it wasn’t against the rules”.

    There’s also the delicious sense of just deserts as he experiences some of the yaps from the hyena packs he whipped up on the floor of Holyrood.

  5. yoni Says:

    Devine is just an ordinary speck of dreck.

    It gets your goat, eh? But the following day you berate the media for saying exactly the same thing.

  6. Colin Says:

    You think it’s okay for the FM to sell “access”, just not for meetings in parliament? Don’t get that one. What difference does it make? Is there an incremental cost to the taxpayer?

    Also, does anyone know what Yoni is on about?

  7. efrafandays Says:

    I think Yoni’s had too much Vimpto.

    I find access selling disagreeable but do see Rosie’s point that benefactors or members of the public may wish to be meet with the Great Panjandrum himself – if that’s how they want to spend their money, and are not sealing any separate business deals, they should be welcome to meet down at the Beanscene by Holyrood.

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