An Appeal for Common Sense over Lunchgate

As Joan McAlpine gets indigestion from the media hoo-ha over Lunchgate, I am inclined to agree.  It is quite unedifying to watch the media fall on Salmond like wild-animals onto a giraffe, looking for lunch.

This is Scotland.  It’s should be Dinnergate.


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4 Responses to “An Appeal for Common Sense over Lunchgate”

  1. yoni Says:

    No, what is unedifying is to watch the revolting Salmond do anything, including existing. And watch you coming to his defence.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    This is a parody.

  3. subrosa Says:

    Ah the days of dinner at 1pm, I remember them well. Unfortunately they faded away years ago and let’s not forget, in middle class circles it was always along more Anglo lines of lunch, dinner – with high tea here every day except Sunday.

    High tea was usually shortened to ‘tea’ but it still included a one course meal, scones or teabread etc. and all washed down by cups of tea. No fizzy drinks for children in those days.

  4. Colin Says:

    The Record continues to dissent from all other papers on this by going with “Piegate”. I don’t think anyone has suggested pies were actually involved, but I suppose that’s catchier than “Eck-is-fat-so-don’t-vote-SNP-gate”.

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