Anti-Scots Racism in Bournemouth

The Bournemouth Echo reports that the maligned parking boss for the city, my fellow tribesman Gerry Bolland has tendered his resignation following a scuffle at a municipal function:

Gerry Bolland allegedly lashed out at Labour leader Cllr Ben Grower at the end of the Mayor’s Charity Burns Night celebrations at the Highcliff Marriott Hotel.

No-one was injured in the fracas but it’s believed Cllr Grower’s bow tie was ripped off.

It’s understood the dispute started when Mr Bolland, a former Royal Marine who has been honoured with an MBE, annoyed guests with a lengthy tribute to Robbie Burns.

His speech went on for around half an hour, until Cllr Grower slipped him a note asking him to bring it to a close.

The disagreement then continued at the end of the black tie event, when Mr Bolland is alleged to have made a grab for Cllr Grower.

Now, there you go, Gerry: confirming all the prejudices against Scots.  One moment lachrymose and honouring a womanizing alkie from Ayrshire (who, for some reason, is popular in Russia), then threatening to pan someone’s face in.

Or claiming racist abuse, as you did in The Daily Record:

He was out of order and it was insulting to Scotland, Burns, me and my wife. It could be construed as a racist incident but I will not be taking this any further.

I would say, go for it.  You are bound to succeed and will be a credit to the community.  Except, of course, Gower is of Scottish extraction so cannot be called a racist (just as an ethnic teuchter, I can use the T-word).

Scotland, wha’ like us?  None, thank fuck.


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3 Responses to “Anti-Scots Racism in Bournemouth”

  1. Fabian from Israel Says:

    I was today at the house of one of your tribemen and mine at the same time. A Scottish Jew! I never knew there were of those. He can even speak with two different accents! Hebrew and Scottish. Very funny.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Dual loyalties if ever I saw it.

    A Scottish Israeli is a terrifying combination. It wasn’t Tim Allon?

  3. Полезный идиот Says:

    Akh, Rabbi Burns (so to speak) is indeed v. popular in Russia and t’other ex-Soviet states

    (I recall being set an exercise to translate “My Heart’s In The Highlands” into Russian once: and also once attended a post-wedding ceilidh with loads of Kazakhs at the Brig o’Doon hotel: we taught em how to Strip the Willow bigtime)

    Arvo Part’s arrangement of that poem is also of note. But in Estonia they REALLLLLY love the Scots (and think, not necessarily unaccurately, that all the Sassanachs are just drunks on stag parties, etc. Maybe they should start opening bars that serve Buckie or Scotsmac) . Once, in Tallinn, on the occasion of a Estonia vs Scotland football match, there was an abundance of Union Jacks being flown by Estonians, redesigned so that they were in the (really rather elegant) colours of the Estonian flag. With the thicker diagonal stripes in the right places. I made a point of wishing the many kilt-wearing and bagpipe players at my hotel better luck than if they were playing the Faroes. (with the line “My da’s a weegie” packed in me back pocket in case of need)

    Anyway, he sounds like the proverbial “a well-balanced scotsman” to me, alas. Not really fair as one imagines that a local council’s parking service subsists on nothing but a grievance-based culture that said stock character could only imagine.

    Just imagine the response if they’d served the fellow haggis!

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