Nicola Sturgeon Had a Duty to Provide a Character Reference for Convicted Fraudster

Aye, right. Just as Alex Salmond and Mike Weir were “duty bound” to do what they did.

And I am the Queen of Sheba.

UPDATE – at SNP Tactical Voting, Jeff bemoans the partisan bickering with calls for her resignation, and speaks of “Scotland’s otherwise fraternal, compassionate understanding”.  Jeff’s a sound bloke, but gawd he can believe in some stupid things.


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4 Responses to “Nicola Sturgeon Had a Duty to Provide a Character Reference for Convicted Fraudster”

  1. Indy Says:

    Is this a character reference?


    I refer to my above named constituent and the case brought against him for benefit fraud.

    I have been aware of Mr Rauf’s case since July 2008 when he sought assistance from me after a search warrant was executed at his home by the Department of Work and Pensions and officers from Strathclyde Police. It was clear at that time that he recognised the serious nature of the matter he was facing and that it would be necessary to pay back the money he had obtained unlawfully.

    For a number of years Mr Rauf has suffered from poor health mainly associated with his heart; he has a family, including young children aged under ten; and he is heavily involved in his community. All of these aspects of his life have been significantly impacted upon by the mistake he has made.

    Mr Rauf has accepted his wrongdoing and has experienced the consequences of it through the effort on his health, the distress caused to his family and the impact on his standing in his community. He has advised me that he has already paid £27,000 of the outstanding balance owed to the Department of Work and Pensions and has said, since he first sought my advice, that he will sell his interest in his property in Edinburgh to settle the remaining balance.

    He and his wife are anxious that a custodial sentence may be imposed by the court and of the further effect on Mr Rauf’s health and the impact on family life. I would appeal to the court to take the points raised here into account and consider alternatives to a custodial sentence.

    Yours faithfully,

    Nicola Sturgeon MSP
    Member for Glasgow Govan

  2. efrafandays Says:

    >> and he is heavily involved in his community.

    That sounds like a character reference. She’s right. He was heavily involved in the Tollcross community during the mid 1990s.

    A close acquaintance of mine recently was gaoled for three years over a drugs offense committed with a loose friend when Rauf had just been released the first time. This had been a one off, and there was insufficient evidence so nowt happened. He returned to responsibility and hard work, but the loose friend continued thieving… then, last year, was arrested of summat different and implicated my acquaintance.

    Did my acquaintance have his MSP writing pleading letters to the judge? Like naff! Plus, his appeal for early release was refused ‘cos the SNP finally have decided to treat criminals like criminals.

    Yet, along comes a criminally-minded pin-striped wideboy, and you know the rest. I would like to know if Rauf is a potential SNP donor, just like Cllr. AK47.

    One rule for the little people, eh?

    Adverse affects on Rauf’s health is really down to his own criminality. We’re also to feel for his pain in selling one of the properties to pay… of course he should!

    Then there’s the lack of any sense of responsibility for one’s own actions. Sturgeon – whom I otherwise respect – was *not* duty bound to write this letter any more than Salmond to write one for Zheng Bin (thus helping to alert the authorities to Zheng’s drug-producing past). They chose to.

    (Still, at least, they were duty bound to at least consider the entreaties. Alex Weir wasn’t even that for James McLintock, who wasn’t his constituent.)

    Anyone who lambastes Labour for the likes of Baroness Scotland or Harriet Harman but makes excuses for this is a Class A hypocrite.

  3. Colin Says:

    Did your close acquaintance approach Sturgeon for a letter of support and get knocked back?

  4. efrafandays Says:

    He would have had he been Alex Salmond’s constituent.

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