SNP and Gay Rights in Malawi

The John o’ Groats Journal recently reported on former Thurso resident, Reay McGill’s work at a community mission in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Like much of the region, there is a deep vein of bigotry running through Malawi, as seen by the recent arrest of man and husband, Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza following their wedding in December 2009.

I  cannot find online details of this, but the SNP-led Scottish Executive appears to be intending to use links between Scottish charities such as these and Malawi – cf. Scotland-Malawi Partnership – to promote gay-rights in the country (although SNP MSP, Jim Fitzpatrick has written approvingly of such moves).

I have doubts about the wisdom of sending the lacklustre Fiona Hyslop, as I have seen suggested, as this would suggest overt politicization – with an individual who has shown herself to be sub par – against the former Labour First Minister, Jack McConnell who is associated with the Scotland Malawi Partnership.  Yet, I cannot see any reason to object to this in principle.


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3 Responses to “SNP and Gay Rights in Malawi”

  1. Crazyhorse Says:

    Why isn’t jack going, he’s mad keen on Malawi AND Sectarianism.

    Oh I forgot, there’s an election on.

  2. subrosa Says:

    Why should we be attempting to impose our laws and ideals upon another country?

    This attitude never ceases to amaze me.

    It’s nothing to do with us and we should stay out of it.

  3. efrafandays Says:

    I don’t know enough about McConnell’s involvement (or lack of) on this topic to comment on him individually. But, if he were willing to keep silent whilst claiming the kudos of leading humanitarian projects, I would criticize him.

    To Rosie, there is an honesty (although, not one I necessarily agree with) and integrity (best left up to Philip Pullman) in letting other countries deal with their own inhabitants as they would, but if Scottish interests [1] wish to claim credit from donating monies to Malawi, we should speak truth to this power.

    [1] Many people have no links to Empire, just as many in the past have not. I am relatively unusual in that I have links – through my maternal grandparents – to the colonial presence in this region.

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