Osama Saeed: Paid by the Purse of the State He Wishes to Dismantle


The Daily Telegraph reports on the source of Osama Saeed’s current paypacket (alongside Nicola Sturgeon’s stunning lack of self-awareness), which I will come onto later.

Recently, he expressed hope that the abuse of international jurisdiction legislation could continue in Scotland. This is unlikely to include advocates of killing Israeli children as young as three, such as Kemal El-Helbawy whom the SIF referred to as a Dear Beloved Son, and funnily removed from their blog archives shortly after Saeed was confirmed PPC for Glasgow Central.

I am not entirely convinced he is a bona fide Islamist (as in, say, Hizb ut Tahrir which really does want a return to the Caliphate), despite his formerly being a regional director for the Salifist Muslim Association of Britain, aligned with the international Muslim Brotherhood; and inviting fugitive Hamas commanders or the head of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood to events run by his vanity project, the Scottish-Islamic Foundation and/or facilitating meetings with Scottish Executive ministers such as Linda Fabiani.

Instead, I view him as a religious and political sectarian, which allows him to fit in perfectly with the immaturity of domestic politics which continues to pervade the Calvinist Republic of North Brytain. A suave and erudite sectarian, who has likely traveled more than many of the medium SNP cheeses combined and lacks the boorish and parochial anti-Englishness in the Party, but a sectarian rolled-up trouser snake all the same.

This attitude recently was on display in an open letter to Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting, in which like a dredger on the Thames he carried on asserting that all criticism is born out of jealousy from Labour.   No, Osama, I am not and never have been a member of the Labour Party (or even ever voted Labour), and I am far from alone in being a non-Labourite who thinks this way.

(There was also the rather grandiose claim that the SIF had “exposed the man that threatened to blow up Glasgow Central Mosque”.  As I discussed at the time, Neil McGregor was a washed-out rentagob who was convicted for breach of peace on account of no terrorist offense having been committed: and did not require any ‘exposure’ as he provided the Police with his contact details.)

I am prepared to put the much publicized remark from Saeed calling for a return to the Caliphate down to youthful exuberance: just as John Reid, or so he tells us, no longer believes in Father Christmas.  What is clear from that article is his loathing of the Sykes-Picot Plan which defined much of the current borders in the Middle East (although Saeed displays a possible misunderstanding where he implies that this is linked to the greater part of Muslim-majority countries).

It would be reasonable to conclude that he views Westminster and the British state to be the inheritors of at least one of those responsible, and to be punished accordingly.  Maybe in France he would be supporting Corsican or Breton separatism.

And his self-confidence has to be admired.  The SIF received a massive grant of UK taxpayers’ money before it was formerly launched in early 2008, at a time when little or no support amongst Scottish Muslims for the Saeed family (which, along with SNP staffers, dominate the SIF).   Furthermore, Scottish Muslims are predominately of South East Asian heritage, and – those who are observant, at least – of Barlevi or Sufi outlook, Saeed and the SIF are arguably Arab and Salafist in outlook.

Despite his insistence at SNP Tactical Voting that intended planning for cultural events had to be shelved due to the global credit crunch, there is little to no evidence of any events being planned beyond social dinners.  The £400,000 provided was not part of venture capitalism, and should have been ample to start, instead of going cap-in-hand for Arab petro-dollars as my comrade and principled blogger Dhaibhidh C Mhac Dhuihdhlheigh discussed.

In case Saeed fails to secure a £65,000 per annum job (plus expenses) at the Parliament he wishes to dismember, he would still have the £40,000 which it has now been revealed he is paid for his heading of the SIF.

Scotland, wha’ like us? None, thank fuck.


7 Responses to “Osama Saeed: Paid by the Purse of the State He Wishes to Dismantle”

  1. Joey Grimlock Says:

    I think you’re being hard on poor Osama.

    The SIF is a non-political organisation. Just because a former employee fof the SNP leader was selected as the SNP candidate for one of the SNP’s main targets in the election – a constituency with a high Muslim population – and then received hundreds of thousands of pounds from the SNP government to set up the SIF and promote himself as the voice of Scottish Islam, while staffing the group with members of his family or SNP party activists, is no reason to suggest otherwise.

    And he is quite correct to attack Anas Sarwar on his blog for wasting public money by training as a dentist and then giving it up after two years’ of practice to run for parliament. After all, he would never accept public funding and then jump ship if he won a seat in parliament.

    Anyone who suggested there is any stink about any of this, or the “lunchgate” scandal, is obviously working for the Labour party, an Islamophobe or both.

  2. Dhaibhidh C Mhac Dhuihdhlheigh Says:

    I quite agree. Further examples of such scurilous Islamophobia can be seen at The Spitoon.

  3. Joey Grimlock Says:

    My favourite recent piece from Mr Saeed’s blog:

    “Sitting in Edinburgh, Gordon tried to characterise my campaign as somehow being behind that of that of the Sarwar dynasty because Anas had given up his job last year to be a ‘professional candidate’, while I have a fulltime job (as do the vast majority of election candidates).

    The other side to that particular story is that Sarwar Jr worked only for a year or two after doing the second most expensive university course there is in dentistry. He then left the NHS in the lurch by packing it in to live off his father’s dollars because they were worried about losing an election they thought would be a cakewalk. Voters are right to ask what experience of life he has got, and how he can identify with them during these tough times. ”

    You see? Osama has a full-time job! And that 40k a year he earns as head of a quango that has failed to do the job it was supposed to means voters can identify with him during these tough times and be comfortable in the knowledge he has “life experience.”

    Or not.

  4. efrafandays Says:

    Joey, are you on the Glasgow scene? Is this being publicized?

    Plus, I appear to have annoyed a Muslim at Harry’s Place.

  5. Joey Grimlock Says:

    It’s publicised in that it’s on Saeed’s website:


    Am I the only one who thinks that amongst all the ad hominems and juvenile paranoia in that post there’s a rather nasty little streak of homophobia running through it too?

  6. Jimmy Glesga Says:

    ef Says, 16:16. Not much being said in the media but the people know what is going on. The media I suspect are being careful. The brotherhood are well organised with clever lawyers etc.

  7. efrafandays Says:

    I’m not sure, Joey… is Tom Gordon gay?

    Jimmy, part of me thinks it’s more down the lightness of political Scotland. For all the whining about an anti-SNP bias in the print media, what comes across is the desire for simple headlines without deeper thinking. Everything I say here should pass muster for libel courts.

    And, yes, it is a bit rich to get het up about Sarwar’s brush with Salman Siddiqui… either what Salmond did with Zheng Bin was actionable or it wasn’t.

    Incidentially, Sarwar is one of the trustees of the North London Mosque which recently *lost* a libel case against the Policy Exchange and Denis McEoin regarding the promotion of jihadist literature on its premises. Given the liberal libel laws in this country and that it was Eady hearing the case, their case must have been particularly ridiculous.

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