Tory MP Insists No Scum in this Trough

Nicholas Winterton, soon to be ex-MP for Macclesfield, has objected to plans which would bar expense claims for 1st Class travel. MPs have vital work to do, like, and can’t mix with hoi polloi.


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3 Responses to “Tory MP Insists No Scum in this Trough”

  1. Yoni Says:

    He is quite right. MPs do spend a lot of time travelling, and this time should be spent productively. This is what “cost-effective” means. I have given up trying to work on my laptop on the train (in 2nd class, I mean) in the morning or the evening, and even at other times it’s very hit and miss. The level of anti-social behaviour tolerated in this once civilised country – screaming on mobile phones (regardless of signs to the contrary), loud music and general raucous behaviour – is shameful and very real.
    Barring 1st class travel is tokenism at its most shameless. Let’s deal with important issues – e.g. the ‘main homes’ scandal – first, and the first thing would be to tackle the disgraceful cover-ups and legalistic wriggle-out maneouvres and retrospective changing of the rules and the refusal to be subject to the law of the land by the scum who make up the top echelons of both houses, instead of the usual gambit we see so often – hit the ordinary, hardworking constituency MP.

  2. naomi Says:

    slightly (ok totally) OT but – yikes, never heard of caithness so just googled it. very very very north!

  3. efrafandays Says:

    Well, yes, Yoni, but as you admit, it’s a problem which faces everyone, and MPs should not be exempt: especially as they’re not paying. Plus, it’s difficult to accept such observations from the Wintertons.

    Yes, Naomi, we have polar bears up here.

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