One in the Eye for Alex Salmond

In order to address “Scotland’s growing obesity problem” (TM.), the Elders of the Calvinist Republic have released a statement which, even considering whatever else they said, still includes a suggestion that eateries could be required to reduce the size of serving-portions.

For my tea, I consumed 1/3 of a packet of pasta and a ratatouille-like mix consisting of a tin of cannellini beans and one of tomatoes, with various mushrooms and carrots and leeks. And garlic.


4 Responses to “One in the Eye for Alex Salmond”

  1. Полезный идиот Says:

    Just abolish Scotch Pies (and any of their near relatives); problem solved.
    And that’s before we get onto the Mock Chop.

    • efrafandays Says:

      That’s not far off the mark… the primary reason for the higher incidence of E. coli infection is our predilection for processed meat pies.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I had pasta shell bolognase owing to a spaghetti shortage in Tesco. It’s not the same without spag.

  3. Indy Says:

    You pass with flying colours.

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