Stringer Bell Rejects Offers of Alliance With Small Business Federation

An unelected cleric has launched a broadside against an elected member of an elected Government who had the temerity to seek a bloc vote from one religious confessional.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, for it is he, believes he represents 800,000 mythical Scottish Roman Catholics and that Jim Murphy, for it was he, represents a Government which has abandoned family values and fails to recognize that homosexuals are pirsoners of sexual aberration.

The Cardinal is a man who wears a dress.


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2 Responses to “Stringer Bell Rejects Offers of Alliance With Small Business Federation”

  1. Jimmy Glesga Says:

    It was inevitable that the split would come between Labour and the RC church. Labour stopped dancing to their tune years ago. Section 28 was the start and the RC church was very upset with the joint campus school in Scotland. Having to actually have all children walking in the same school gate and sharing the same playground with the pagans must have horrified the bishops. What a cheek for those predators to condemn homosexuals.

  2. Ana Says:

    Do you mean ‘mythical’ because the RC Church are counting everyone who has been baptised as opposed to actual church goers? Apparently only around 215,000 people attend Mass.

    If that is the case then that means I am included in the 800,000 despite the fact that I should really be excommunicated. I cannot think of a single issue on which Cardinal O’Brien and I would agree, which makes me wonder how many more of those 800,000 feel the same.

    It is nice to see that HP’s Scottish contingent has found each other.

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