A Pile of Narcissistic Shite on Comment is Free

Maybe it is because I’ve just watched the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, including the image of a teenage GI on Omaha Beach with his intestines hanging out and screaming for his mother, but I found this this pile of narcissistic shite (Tm. Shuggy 2010) to be both hilariously confused and fist-swingingly offensive.

The writer is one Sian Anderson, a 19 year old freelance journalist, PR and radio host from south east London, and sought to explain why yoofs feel unable to take part in an arbitrary event every few years (e.g. voting in a General Election). The sub-headline was:

I’m young, I’ve never voted, and I probably never will. If politicians want to change that, then they need to smarten up.

It got worse. Much, much worse.

Other organisations have tried a non-conformist approach and proved it works. In my role as street team coordinator and music editor of Ctrl.Alt.Shift, a global and social justice movement for 18- to 25-year-olds that uses popular culture to bring about engagement, I’ve seen first-hand how to empower a typically apathetic group of young people. A recent rave thrown to raise money for Haiti raised more than £10,000, with 3,000 clubbers signing up to the website to find out what else they could do to tackle poverty. […]

Oh God, oh God, oh God.

[…] And all because the likes of Ms Dynamite and Sway took to the mic and asked them to get involved.

What next? Jedward introducing Sky News? Maybe Charlie Brooker is right… no, scratch that, of course Charlie Brooker is right.

Shuggy suggests that it is a load of self-centred, irresponsible, selfish codswallop to trade collective participation in civic society for placing a mark on a chit of paper every few years. I would go further and suggest that it is decadent (in the original sense of the word) to avail oneself of all the benefits of a function civil society, and then not only consider joining a Facebook group for “reducing poverty” to be praiseworthy but to expect ‘politicians’ to gaze down into the swirling pit of nihilistic despair which one has willingly placed oneself and which threatens to consume the world before the Large Hadron Collider ever does.

The reason Anderson never has voted in a General Election is that when there last was one, she was 15. When there next is another, after the upcoming one, 25% of her life would have passed… it is just possible she would have changed her views on voting. Or even collective participation in civic society.

Then again… considering that Holden Caulfield is now 75, and there are teenagers like him considerably older than Anderson… maybe not.

After reading this, I am more convinced than ever that the voting age should be raised to 30. Okay, 25 for women, 30 for men.


10 Responses to “A Pile of Narcissistic Shite on Comment is Free”

  1. Kellie Strøm Says:

    Oh yeah. Rock the house.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Assuming those 3,000 empowered yoofs represented the total audience, they each donated an average of £3.33.

  3. Kellie Strøm Says:

  4. Kellie Strøm Says:

    Putting together a playlist for this gig would make a good round in “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”.

  5. Colin Says:

    I’m wary about getting too outraged about that Guardian piece, because I suspect it might be a wind-up. I find it hard to believe that anyone would so cheerfully admit to being so thick and obnoxious.

  6. efrafandays Says:

    That’s the thought I’m clinging onto, Colin.

    Kellie, try:

  7. Peter Says:

    Consider my money maker duly shaken

  8. tevya Says:

    I’m young, I’ve never voted, and I probably never will. If politicians want to change that, then they need to smarten up

    You’re right to see narcissism. Also ignorance of the alternatives, which our morally relativist culture is now scared to discuss. Perhaps North Korean politicians have smartened up in the right kind of way – 99% participation in elections there.

  9. efrafandays Says:

    Anything to please an old man, Peter.

    Tevya, is it really 99%? I don’t think the inhabitants at the Gulags have the vote. When I was a teenager, I was calling for the bombing of Serbia.

  10. tevya Says:

    Hi Alec. I dimly recall seeing some absurdist drivel about the people’s love for the great leader as shown in the election, but really I could have confused the 99% figure with several other random fascists. The figure reported for turnout is usually a percentage of eligible voters, which would exclude the gulags.

    Just looked for the magnificent official English language propaganda site, which used to be found @ http://www.english.dprkorea.com/special/leader/. But it’s sadly gone, although I’d kept one story of the special one’s life:

    “The Sun is Yours

    A heavy rain frequently fell on St. Petersburg from some days ago before Kim Jong Il arrived there during his Russian tour in the summer of 2001. Officials who came out to receive him looked up to the sky with concern.

    But it did not rain when he laid a wreath, reviewed a guard of honor and visited a museum after arriving there. There was a torrential rain only right after he got on a car.

    A cloudy sky began to clear up when he arrived at Lenin Square.

    A torrential rain fell again when he boarded a car and headed for the Kirov Factory after going round the statue of Lenin and a metro station.

    A Russian official on hand, surprised at the wonders of nature, told him as follows: “Comrade Kim Jong Il, the sun is yours as people say. You seem to let the sun throw its rays, when necessary, while going with it kept in your pocket”.”

    OT, but you weren’t wrong about Serbia (assuming that this was in the mid-90s)

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