Has Osama Saeed Gone Mad?

Has he? This is a former regional organizer for the Salafi-inclined Muslim Association of Britain, which is alligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Currently the SNP Westminster PPC for Glasgow Central, he was also the founding Director of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation which received upwards of £400,000 of public funding with little scrutiny and no track record of delivery.

Audit Scotland evidently was displeased, and demanded the return of £200,000; of which £72,000 already was spent.

Saeed has sought to justified the failed launch of pretty much everything the SIF claimed to offer – baring bigging-up a half-witted rent-a-gob as a terrorist-in-waiting – with special pleading and boo-hoo’ing that the Scottish Parliament building and various Government IT schemes had misappropriated more money. Very much a Don’t Tell Him Pike moment, before one considers that relative proportions and whether or not Saeed will now excuse sticky-fingered Westminster MPs.

This failed quango from which Saeed drew a salary of £40,000 has entertained at its shindigs the likes of the head of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Alamin Belaji, and London-based updating of Friar João Mocho, Kemal el-Hebawy who has sought to redesignate Israeli/Jewish children as young as three as “future soldiers” and therefore viable targets (inexplicably pruned from the SIF blog).

Furthermore, Mohammed Sawalha, who has been named as a fugitive Hamas commander, and others have been introduced to Holyrood ministers.

So, considering all this, one would expect Saeed to be extremely careful when discussing others alleged links to Hamas and other terrorist-organizations. It would appear not.

Reported in the Jewish Chronicle, Saeed has dismissed his Labour opponent, Anas Salwar for the supposed sins of Salwar’s father:

But he could not resist one final dig at his opponent Anas Sarwar, whose father, Mohammed Sarwar is stepping down as the sitting MP. Mr Saeed observed: “I would be interested to see Anas Sarwar’s response to his MP father’s role on the board of Finsbury Park Mosque, including serving alongside a Hamas supporter”.

I bet he still calls the Middle East “the Caliphate”. The North London Central Mosque, whose board of directors include Pere Salwar, did indeed recently loose a libel case against the right-leaning Policy Exchange which had stated extremist literature was supplied on its premises.

But, Saeed’s above formulation could just as easily be used to make allegations against someone who, oh I do not know, described Anwar al Awlaki as a man who had “preached nothing but peace”.

The JC article also reported that Saeed had stepped-down from his Directorship of the SIF to concentrate on his political campaigning. Perhaps this is why, when the Sunday Herald attempted to interview him concerning the SIF’s continued failure to submit a legally important Letter of Comfort regarding its finances, he responded, “I’m not full-time. I’m not dealing with you on this”.

The stress is getting to someone, methinks.


4 Responses to “Has Osama Saeed Gone Mad?”

  1. Joey Grimlock Says:

    I thought the article was a spoof when I read it.

    Especially considering stories like this: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/scotland/article4926218.ece

    Mr Saeed’s current employment statis is weird though. Was he still earning 40k a year when he told the Sunday Herald he was not full time? Is he now? How much are they now paying on salaries? Is there any money left?

  2. efrafandays Says:

    That link doesn’t return owt, Joey. I get the impression you’re in the Glasgow Labour scene… feel free to forward this link!

    Saeed’s a good example of why I try to divest my personal opinions of someone from their politics. As I’ve said before, he is a highly charming and personally likeable individual (and, his stuff about the Caliphate should be put down to youthful exuberance), but has wretched politics.

    There’s a wider question about mediocre nobodies being dropped into Westminster without experience in the work-place, executive decision making or even age. I have doubts about Salwar for these reasons.

    That guff about refusing to answer questions doesn’t bode well for someone intending to take on the responsibility of Glasgow Central. The questions relate to his period there, so of course he bloody well should answer. He has willingly placed himself in the public view on this, he can’t bottle it now.

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