Racist Murders and War Crimes in Dorset

Fifty-one decapitated skeletons found in a mass-grave on the Ridgeway between Weymouth and Dorchester have been confirmed as being from a Viking party captured by local Saxons in the early 10th Century.

A grisly suggestion of what took place:

Ceri Boston, an expert in ancient bones who examined the remains, said: “It was not a straight one slice and head off. They were all hacked at around the head and jaw. It doesn’t look like they were very willing or the executioners very skilled.

“We think the decapitation was messy because the person was moving around. One man had his hands sliced through. It looks like he was trying to grab hold of the sword as he was being executed.”

A multicultural Britain since the Iron Age my arse.


2 Responses to “Racist Murders and War Crimes in Dorset”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Coming over here and stealing our executioners’ jobs!

  2. efrafandays Says:

    We have a long tradition of taking pride in our work in butchering foreigners.

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