The Luciferian Fall of Steven Purcell

This is an updating of a missive originally uploaded on 7 March when, like a cross between Reginald “Bubbles” Cousins and Clay Davis, Stephen Purcell has come to earth with a thump.

In what Shuggy calls the progression of the Chemical Generation – following (allegedly) George W. Bush and David Cameron and Barry Obama – the now former Labour chief of Glasgow City Council, Steven Purcell has been revealed to have had a cocaine habit and is undergoing treatment for unspecified mental health issues.

In May 2009, he had been interviewed by two officers from the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency following his name appearing in one of their investigations into organized crime in West Scotland; and fears he may be open to blackmail.

Although it was decided not to continue with this investigation, SCDEA officers are not not Pc Murdoch, and shortly afterwards Purcell moved from his life-long home area in Yorker where it was feared he had too close an acquaintance with a known drugs-dealer.There also are stated allegations of less-than-salubrious links between Glasgow City Council and common thugs robbing their communities blind. Previously the GCC-funded Chirnsyde Community Initiative (now Ashgill Centre) had been run by members of the Lyons crime family. Similarly, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde met with Police dismay after awarding a £2 millions taxi contract to a private firm linked to the McGovern crime family and previously investigation for money laundering offenses.

(Kevin Carroll who was shot dead in January – but not, as some headlines suggested, as part of a commercially available execution service – was a senior lieutenant in the Daniels crime family responsible for an ongoing feud with the Lyons.)

Far from being a harmless middle-class affectation, snorting charlie is linked to the devastation wrought by the narco-kidnapping thugs of FARC in Colombia and organized crime across the globe. If a leader of a major municipal authority in Britain has been involved in any part of this trade, his personal credibility and that of his administration are hamstrung.

Most disconcerting of all is a report in the News of the World that Purcell had been considered as a Labour candidate for the Glasgow East by-election in 2008, but this came to nowt after an undisclosed meeting with senior national party officials.

Calum Cashley offers a generous cross-party appeal for Purcell’s private tragedy not to become a subject of public titilation. As an individual, I hope Purcell makes a full recover to mental and physical wellbeing (and he is generally considered to be a well-liked individual), but any party machine which knew about the above allegations and allowed their member to continue running a City Council deserves to be identified and deserves to loose.

UPDATE 1/4 – alas, not an April Fools joke: the Glasgow City Council has rejected an SNP-led motion for an internal investigation. Of the 79 councilors, 48 opposed and 23 supported the motion (leaving the possibility of eight not participating in this significant vote).

There are 45 Labour and 22 SNP councilors, so the former is to be assumed to have had cross-party support from at least three others (assumed to be the five LibDems).

There’s no denying that many changes have been implemented in the month since Purcell resigned, but these are publicly elected representatives in control of a significant purse and political clout. The impressions of money-troughing during the Westminster expenses scandal should, at the very least, blow away any sense that elected representatives should be left to police their own affairs.

UPDATE 3/4 – much as it pains me to admit it, Tory Bear has collated all the blog-chatter and kreminological analysis.



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