So I Blogged With an Axe-Murderer

… whoops, sorry. Axe-manslaughterer.

In 2005, the then LibDem leader, Charles Kennedy confirimed his Party would give the vote to serving prisoners such as murderers and rapists and paedophiles. This had followed a case brought to the ECHR by John Hirst who had been sentenced in 1980 to 15 years for manslaughter [of his landlady, Bronia Burton whom he hacked to death with an axe] and subsequently emerged as a savant legal representative in gaol.

I learned to love the LibDems because of my MP, classical Liberal and formerly Lord Lucan lookalike, the Lord Thurso. Did you know his grand^6-father, Sir John Sinclair introduced the word “statistics” to the English language, and grand^4-father, Sir Tollemache Sinclair is the oldest individual to have had his voice recorded on gramophone? His grand-father, the first Lord Thurso, was second-in-command to Winston Churchill at Ploegsteert Wood in the Great War, and later as leader of the Liberal Party.

I will vote LibDem on 6 May. Yet, here is the worst ever blog-post on the LibDem Voice blog in which a man who hacked a woman to death with an axe and then built up a track record of demanding more and more privileges for other prisoners who had shown their contempt for society in that and other more horrific ways.

John Hirst, of course, who considers it a source of pride that he was convicted ‘only’ of manslaughter and not murder (for hacking a woman to death with an axe).

I have made my case in that thread, both for removing the franchize from high-level serving prisoners and for my personal disgust at giving this narcissistic, self-centred yawning-expanse of ego airtime.

I have been called a “pathetic Tory troll” by someone who hacked a woman to death with an axe.

Is that the sound of an axe being sharpened I can hear? Thank goodness I live in the middle of nowhere!


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15 Responses to “So I Blogged With an Axe-Murderer”

  1. Ana Says:

    Surely living in the middle of nowhere is a bad thing in regards to axe-manslaughterers? For a start you are rather easy to find and when you have been found no-one will be able to hear you scream. Just a thought.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    It depends, I guess, if he receives compensation for not having been allowed to vote whilst serving time for hacking a woman to death with an axe; and is able to afford the train fare.

  3. hughflungdatscat Says:

    Isn’t it a criminal offence under the Harassment Act to cyber stalk Mr Hirst?

    • efrafandays Says:

      Is this John Hirst, the ex-con who is now living a quiet life coming to terms with what he did? Or the John Hirst who has made himself a public figure and writes newspaper and blog pieces in which the only affect shown is a narcissistic fury when it’s suggested people might not have heard of him?

      Don’t be fucking stupid.

      • hughflungdatscat Says:

        So, your complaint is that he is a somebody and you are a nobody and that upsets you?

        I have read his excellent article on Lib Dem Voice, and your off topic responses attempting to upset him. He clearly got the better of you.

        I was amused at your attempt to get others to support your unjustified attack.

        He is a reformed character, good luck to him in the future. On the other hand, you will only drown in your bile.

      • efrafandays Says:

        Don’t be fucking stupid. Although, that [he believes] the McCanns got away with killing and he didn’t clearly upsets him.

        I was amused at your attempt to get others to support your unjustified attack.

        Which part of “I do not support prisoner votes and here is why” do you not understand? That this article came from a man who hacked a woman to death with an axe because she was annoying added to the sense of cynicism.

        All I asked was why others thought they could live in a world of ideas and words, away from the responsibility of actions and decisions. Why they were decadent, self-righteous courtesans, that is.

        Anyone who gets more upset at a few nasty comments on a blog than they do at dismissals of victims’ grief or poison-pen attacks on the McCanns has a moral screw loose.

        He is a reformed character,

        Except in the sense that he doesn’t consider remorse to be necessary, and he shows no affect towards his victim’s daughter.

        Would you approve on an article from Tom O’Carroll on the age of consent?

        PS Are you John Hirst?

  4. angrysoba Says:

    “Is that the sound of an axe being sharpened I can hear? Thank goodness I live in the middle of nowhere!”

    But in the middle of nowhere no one can hear you… damn! Beaten to it!

    I notice in this Guardian article that John Hirst considers remorse to be “a middle-class thing”.

  5. angrysoba Says:

    Doh! Just looked at your comments in the Lib Dem voice thingy!

  6. angrysoba Says:

    “He is a reformed character, good luck to him in the future. On the other hand, you will only drown in your bile.”

    He’s not a reformed character in any sense. He’s a hateful, nasty, spiteful, self-pitying, unpitiable piece of shit who probably should have been hanged and is the worst possible advocate for those who have committed crimes but who now have a desire for contributing to society rather than snickering about bashing in old ladies with an axe.

    If you are John Hirst then please go fuck yourself. If you are not John Hirst but have chosen to defend him in this way then please go fuck yourself.

  7. angrysoba Says:

    Sorry for the language.

    • efrafandays Says:

      You’re only human.

      Although, on reflection, I doubt that’s John Hirst. He’s a yawning expanse of ego who would under no circumstances ever ever not attach his name to whatever he writes.

  8. worldoftofuness Says:

    Ah, good old Lord Thurso.

    The only thing his name brings to my mind (based as I am rather a long way south of Caithness) is a TV appearance on Question Time or similar a few years back, where he was quite openly putting forward the proposition that women bore responsibility for their rape through what they wore.

    That’s one of the problems with the LibDems, it seems: a lack of enforcement of a ‘party line’ can throw up some genuine decent people, but also others who never mind the ‘party line’ seem to struggle with the ‘reasonable human being’ one.

    • efrafandays Says:

      Fucking hell, I didn’t know that! Are you sure it was him? I ask that mostly ‘cos his television appearances are detailed knowledge, but I haven’t heard of his appearing on summat like Question Time.

      If it were him, it was a stupid thing to say. I assume the rationale was “if I walked through the Glebe [Latin Quarter of Thurso town] wearing a Rolex, I’d expect to be mugged”. Well, yes, but the thief would still be a thief.

      On the matter of sexual assault, as a man if I see an attractive woman, I see an attractive woman… I am not overcome with animal desires. Any man who cannot control them has himself to blame.

      PS I was able to track down your workplace with the e-mail address you entered (which I won’t reveal). There’s no need to enter an active e-mail address in these forms. I use

      • worldoftofuness Says:

        Thanks for the warning on the email front (I’d been going by the “will not be published” note on the comments form).

        Lord Thurso–It’s definitely my clear recollection. But as you say, you’d expect such a thing to be in the ‘collective knowledge’ yet Google hasn’t thrown up anything. Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and find I was actually in a coma during the time I remember this TV appearance. Well, if it’s good enough for a Dallas/Ashes-to-Ashes storyline…

        PS: Surprised to learn that Thurso is big enough to have ‘Quarters’. I was up there a few years ago, and while it’s obviously quite a big settlement for the area, is still not quite a teeming metropolis ;-)

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