Politically Motivated Campaign to Save Nairn Baths

Since regionalization, one major shortcoming of Highland Council has been the Inverness-based outlook of many decisions and plans. I knew the Nairn Public Baths were a popular and well-established municipal service, so was surprised that they should be included in budgetary cuts.

In the fray stepped Liz Macdonald – SNP Councilor in Nairn, and first female Provost of the town – who vocally opposed plans whilst chairing a ward forum on the matter. As a result, her fellow Councilors in the ward – Labour, LbDem and Independent – accused her of politicizing the role of Provost and first requested her resignation, and then sacked her.

Councilors in the Landward Caithness ward have their own opinions on windfarms, but dutifully keep them quiet with respect to Council policy. So, I agree Macdonald risked compromising the non-partisan role of forum chairman, as she accepted when she offered her resignation from this position.

Yet, unless she was appearing in the garb of Provost, I have difficulty seeing in what way she compromised that civic role. The only conclusion I can make just now is that her fellow Councilors allowed their separate opinons of her to colour their judgment of her probity.

Which would have been a politicized decision.


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