Train Passengers Have Lucky Escape on Glasgow/Oban Service

It is sickening to think about what could happened during the derailment of the 2100 hrs Glasgow to Oban Scotrail service on Sunday. Debris following a landslide near the Falls of Cruachan power-station resulted in both carriages catching fire, and then coming to rest on the edge of a 15 metre drop.

Thankfully, there were only walking wounded, and train staff were able to lead passengers to safety.

This puts me in mind of a recently proposed industrial action by RMT members in opposition to Scotrail’s planned increase in driver-only trains. Far from merely opening doors and providing grossly overpriced sandwiches, guards and other carriage crew perform a vital role in monitoring passengers; and, in the event of an accident, marshalling passengers and ensuring they are not left wandering on open railtrack to be picked off by another train (paying especial attention to first-class passengers, as they are of an entirely different category).

Non-driver staff should remain.


One Response to “Train Passengers Have Lucky Escape on Glasgow/Oban Service”

  1. Subrosa Says:

    This so easily could have been a horrific incident. The fast thinking of the driver and some in the front carriage saved many I think. They were able to get the door opened into the carriage which was upright.

    Non-driving staff should remain indeed.

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