Highland Council Launches Citzens Panel

According to BBC News Online, Highland Council will begin consultations with 2,300 members of a Highland Citizens Panel (which I have applied for). Blogged by the Council itself, this concerns a spending review which aims to find £36 millions of savings.

As I discussed recently, anger is brewing in Inverness at plans to dip into the local Common Good Fund (derived inherited properties and assets from old Scottish burghs) to ensure free access for school-children to the already heavily publically-funded Scottish Homes Expo.

This scheme, which will show-case ‘Eco-Homes’ which cost in the region of five times to local average salary, was conceived pre-Crunch times and now there appears a tacit admission that a gamble with yet-more free money is required to save face.

Some 75% of these visitors are expected to attend the event (22,000 visitors) will come from a one hour drive-time catchment area with the other 8,000 visitors from further afield.

(From the report of requests made to the Inverness CGF budget 2010/1 linked from minutes of the Inverness City Committee of 7 June.)

A bit of self-awareness might be needed.


2 Responses to “Highland Council Launches Citzens Panel”

  1. Gràisg Says:

    It would be interesting to know how the citizens were chosen. What were the criteria? By humans or computer program for example. How can they ensure that a balance of Highland Society is represented on the panel? And will it all hinge on the questions asked anyway?

    • efrafandays Says:

      It was a simple expression-of-interest, which I heard about through the internal e-mail at UHI. I didn’t apply initially, but did when a re-advertizement took place as they’d received insufficient applicants from the 20/34 age group.

      Haven’t heard back.

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