Israel Launches Spy Satellite

The BBC reports that Israel has launched a new spy-satellite to observe Iranian nuclear facilities.

In 2004, a predescessor had exploded on launch, when the BBC again had reported:

Israel embarked on its own spy satellite programme in the 1970s when the US turned down requests for intelligence.
In 1973, the US withheld satellite data from Israel before the Yom Kippur war when Israeli officials said they were only getting “crumbs” from America.

So much for DC being in hock to the Israelis.


3 Responses to “Israel Launches Spy Satellite”

  1. Francis Sedgemore - O-feck! Says:

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  2. Caro Says:

    I don’t blame the Israelis for not relying on the United States. Contrary to the anti-Semitic beliefs of far too many Europeans, neither Israel nor American Jews call the shots for the American government. Rather the reverse, Israel is bounced around at the whim of the American elites, most of whom don’t like Jews to begin with, and who have ties, often financial, with the oil-producing states.

    The so-called “Jewish Lobby” is, in fact, dwarfed by the machine-like, well-funded lobby of the Saudis and the rest of the Opec nations. It is they who work to subvert the government of the United States to keep themselves in power. Just as they use the subject of Israel to distract their populations from the corruption and venality of the Arab elites.

    It is far better for the Israelis to become self-sufficient so that they don’t have to depend for their survival on the very weak reed which is the goodwill of the government of the United States.

  3. angrysoba Says:

    Well the febrile theories of the Israelis (read: The Jooos) secretly ruling the United States are so absurd they don’t deserve any time’s contemplation. But at the same time, it is really not true that it is the mere plaything of the “US elites” which really has as much potential for hairbrained theories.

    It’s a partnership in which both sides get annoyed at each other but don’t like to make it too public.

    The partnership is a good thing, in my humble opinion, and it isn’t going to end soon.

    But, yes, for its own sake obviously Israel would be better off with greater self-sufficiency yet right now it clearly is quite dependent.

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