The Titanic Made Less Noise When She Was Sinking

Paul Carpenter provides Gillian McKeith (not PhD) with some easy tips on how to avoid beclowning oneself on Twitter.

One – do not verbally abuse and then threaten random Twitterers when they say summat negative about you and summat positive about Ben Goldacre. And do not describe Dr. Goldacre (albeit a johnny-come lately physician and not Doctor of Letters) as a “liar”, especially considering your own litigious proclivities.

Two – when Dr. Goldacre suggests calling him a liar may be libelous, do not then chortle than only a fool would believe it was you writing about yourself in the first person on a Twitter-feed which carries your photograph and links to your webpage.

Three – even if the details of Lesson Two were true, do not then remove link to said Twitter-feed from your unambiguously official webpage.

Four – if you really must fail to heed Lesson Three, do not leave the coding for said Twitter-feed on your unambiguously official webpage.

… and most certainly remove link from your equally official YouTube channel.

Five – do not assume Dr. Goldacre is not an efficient archivist.

What a load of poo.


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