Another Reason to Hate the Welsh

The True Face of Wales

As Julian Assange, Elric-lookalike (minus the nobility and awareness of his own inhumanity) and self-appointed speak of truth to [someone else’s] power suggests that it was worth the risk to Afghan informants identified by Wikileaks (but, let us be honest, they may may have been mercenaries) let us turn our eyes from the stupefying political force that the seething colostomy bags of liberal guilt which Assange represents.

And onto the Welsh.

In his excellent expos̩ the Protocols of the Elders of Capel Seion, the No-Good Boyo Рwho like most of Wales is a disgrace to Wales Рhas discussed the thoroughly malign influence the Principality has wrought on British politics.

They may bleed when we pick them, and speak all-forms of English with a permanently conciliatory accent, and conceal their true intentions from even Jenny “Monkey Scrotum face” Tonge; but the world is beginning to wake-up to Seionyst Wales.

Wales Online, a brave project which speaks the truth about the Seionyst Project, has revealed that the US soldier currently under arrest for passing those documents to Wikileaks and Assange, in fact, spent his teenage years in Wales.

A SOLDIER suspected of leaking top secret documents to WikiLeaks grew up in Wales and was schooled in Pembrokeshire, according to a report today.

Bradley Manning, 22, was reportedly born in the US to English parents Brian and Susan before moving to Wales at 13 after their divorce.

He then attended Tasker Milward School in Haverfordwest, moving back to America halfway through the sixth form and joining the US army.

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2 Responses to “Another Reason to Hate the Welsh”

  1. If You Want Something Done Properly, Shoot the Welsh Politicians First « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] Properly, Shoot the Welsh Politicians First By efrafandays Previously the Seionyst movement was involved with the leak of tens of thousands of US military documents relating to the war in Afghanistan, […]

  2. sackcloth and ashes Says:

    Alec, I am honoured. I am going to sign on for the Seionist project, next stop Iran. Watch this space.

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