Duncan McNeil MSP Makes An Arse Out of Himself

The Labour MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, Duncan McNeil has responded to a triple infanticide with an attack on the concept of home-schooling as supported by the SNP.

This related to the presuming stabbings in a Slateford flat of eight year old twins, Augustino and Gianluca Riggi and their five year old sister, Cecilia. All had been home-schooled by their mother, Theresa who has since been arrested for their murders.

Their father, who is not being sought in connexion with the horrendous events, identified their bodies yesterday.

McNeil said:

“Any inquiry should try to determine whether the home-schooling of the Riggi children led to any delays in the authorities picking up on the danger they were in.

“Whether it was a factor in this case or not, parents who educate their children in this way have to be accountable. Work has been carried out in England as part of the Badman review to tighten up home-schooling laws, and if there is a perception that the Scottish system is weaker than the English one then we must act.

“So I was disappointed by the complacent response from Schools Minister Keith Brown, when I raised concerns about home-schooling six months ago, and I would hope he would look again to see if we can make our system more robust.”

Most cases of family annihilation are carried out against non-home schooled children. In fact, all cases are carried out by parents. I think we should investigate the fecundity of unsuitable parents.

Alternatively, McNeil can fecund off.



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