Rare Public Admission of the Protocols of the Elders of Capel Seion

Even the Welsh Corgis Are Laughing

Having been activated as a sleeper agent, Julia Gillard has succeeded in what every Seionyst wishes in their dark hearts: to make their respective political systems unmanageable.

Perhaps giddy from this excitement, she appears to have made a grievous but telling slip of the tongue:

Ms Gillard ordered public servants and ministers to prepare to brief the independents and sought advice on what she could offer about policy costings without breaching the caretaker provisions. Ms Gillard also said she had discussed with the independents the possibility of gaining access to “wise elders in the public domain” […]

Which wise elders are these, Julia?  Or should I say Gwadlys?

Llongyfarchiadau, ewe mwst bw hvwwrhy prywd.

3 Responses to “Rare Public Admission of the Protocols of the Elders of Capel Seion”

  1. Francis Sedgemore Says:

    “Llongyfarchiadau, ewe mwst bw hvwwrhy prywd.”

    Heb os nac oni bai!

  2. No Good Boyo Says:

    For this breach of elder discipline Dsiwlia will lose her slate privileges. Now, where’s Senator Gareth Evans’s mobile number?

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