Has David Milliband’s Twitter Account Been Hacked?

Or is he a prat for comparing a lack of investigation into Andy Coulson to that for Father Chesney?

And that is before I get onto the matter of Tweeting during any professional engagement, let alone PMQs.


HAT-TIPMr. Eugenides.


2 Responses to “Has David Milliband’s Twitter Account Been Hacked?”

  1. Caron Says:

    I agree that David Miliband has made a huge misjudgement by equating these two events. However, I think it’s great when politicians tweet from the House of Commons – especially when they bother to engage with their followers in the process.

    • efrafandays Says:

      The Warren is all the better for your presence, Caron.

      The problems with using Twitter for such purposes are displayed by this story. It’s immediacy, and requirement for brevity, lend themselves to statements which others can easily misinterpret… even when blogging, one can change a post on reflection without much worry about mass-broadcast.

      Millimajor will have thousands of ‘followers’, many of whom would have seen that in real time and potentially forwarded it.

      Not so long ago it was thought reasonable to have your mobile ‘phone in professional situations. Not so now. Tweeting during any important speech from your boss is, at best, poor manners.

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