Fish-heid McMoonface: Like a Weathervane in a Hurricane

Angus Robertson, MP and SNP Defence Spokesman in April 2009:

The Faslane naval base on the Clyde is to become the dedicated home for the UK’s entire nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

The move is part of a major shake-up of the Royal Navy announced by the Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth.

Trafalgar class submarines, currently based at Devonport in Plymouth, will begin joining the Vanguard fleet based at Faslane in about five years time.

The SNP said Scots did not want more nuclear submarines on the Clyde.

Alex Salmond, MSP and Scottish First Minister in September 2010:

The First Minister agreed to include the retention of the Faslane naval base on the Clyde in a cross-party submission to the Government’s strategic defence review (SDR).

Mr Salmond had left them out from a draft version of the dossier, which aims to persuade the MoD that defence spending north of the Border must be maintained despite severe cutbacks.

The four Trident nuclear submarines based there are specifically cited in the latest version of the document as one of the reasons the Ministry of Defence (MoD) should not shut the facility.

You are as plain as two upturned egg-cups on an ironing board.


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