Revolting Wickers: Opposition to Bignold Park Site for New Wick High School

This week’s John o’Groat Journal carries reports of public opposition to and threats of legal action against the Bignold Park site for Wick High School. The current building really is in a rubbish state, and until recently the assumption was that either it would be renovated or a new building would be constructed on the adjacent playing fields.

Without warning, however, formal plans changed to constructing on the nearby Bignold Park. This public park had been gifted to the Burgh of Wick in 1903 by the then Unionist MP, Arthur Bignold with the stipulation that it always be used for public recreation. One hundred and seven years later, of course, attitudes are up for change, but as reported at the time, Wickers are firmly against this.

The only reason I can see for this is to reduce the cost of renovation or demolishment on the current site. As soon as the new plans were announced, public consoltation was demanded. One such meeting was scheduled for the 13 September at the Wick Assembly Rooms.

If this were the same as previous public meetings, it will not have gone in favour of the Council. Plans also exist to relocate the town swimming pool to the Bignold Park site. I am told that when the great panjandrum, Bill Fernie was asked how this would affect public access whilst school children were using the premises, he responded that simple demarcation of individual swimming lanes would suffice.

John 11:35.


2 Responses to “Revolting Wickers: Opposition to Bignold Park Site for New Wick High School”

  1. Caron Says:

    As a former pupil of the school, it’s great to see it being refurbished. It was falling apart in 1979 when I started there.

    However, isn’t the Bignold Park a bit far out? It really is on the edge of the town. If you live in the north of Wick it’s quite a way to walk to school.

    • efrafandays Says:

      I think there’s a distinct possibility they have not thought of that.

      There’s similar objections in Thurso where children living at Dixonfield (leaving Thurso for Weydale) don’t qualify for free school bus passes because they’re not the minimum distance away, but do have to walk along an unlit road without pavements.

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