When Iceland and Ireland Fail, Alex Salmond Turns Attention to Basque Country

Having shown his economic savvy, when calling on Scotland to follow the arc of prosperity seen in Ireland and Iceland, to be as much use as titties on a tom-cat, an official visit to the Basque Country has caused Alex Salmond now to see benefits there.

“During the financial crisis, the Basque Country outperformed Spain as a whole and during 2009 the Basque economy contracted by 3.3 per cent compared to 3.6 per cent in the rest of Spain. This visit will help us identify and enhance the opportunities for real, practical collaboration between us and bring investment and jobs to Scotland.

“This economic performance is to be praised and there is no doubt there are lessons to be learned from the Basque economic model which could further help to make the case for Scotland to have more levers and powers to improve economic performance.”

 Normally, I would cut out my tongue with a rusty spoon rather than agree with the LibDems, but if Robin Purves MSP is correct, then yet another economic dream is turning to crud:

“ Official Basque Government figures show that the region has had lower GDP growth in 2010 than Scotland, lower economic activity than Scotland, unemployment rates are considerably higher than Scotland and inflation is running higher than in the Scottish economy.

“If the Basque country is the example we should be following right now, then Salmond’s economic judgement is as sound as his political judgement over the last week concerning independence.”

And that is before we get onto another thing which has made the modern Basque Country.



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