How Dare Anyone Ask Alex Salmond Questions???

As I discussed before, every small business’ nightmare, Alex Salmond was happy to chow on delicacies provided by Wilde Thyme Catering and Party Design at a function for the badly run Holyrood-funded private business, The Gathering Ltd.  Although, not so badly run than the spiv-in-chief, Lord Sempill acrued losses himself; whilst businesses like Wilde Thyme still are owed almost £12,000.

The Holyrood Public Audit commitee has convened a public inquiry, and requested a meeting with Salmond.  The response, however, was a tactit refusal and passing of responsibility to Mike Russell, Culture Minister.

Like most of Scotland, Salmond is a disagrace to Scotland.


2 Responses to “How Dare Anyone Ask Alex Salmond Questions???”

  1. Subrosa Says:

    I’m a bit confused with your last sentence. The Culture Minister is the person responsible so why ask the FM just because he attended some of The Gathering’s dos? You really detest Alex Salmond don’t you? I wouldn’t let that cloud my judgement though. :)

    • efrafandays Says:

      Oh, I do detest him. Seeing beyond my hate, he has been eager to promote himself where he wasn’t required (such as Copenhagen) and this picture remains eye-popping.

      He previously has refused to apologize for any of the negative consequences of this cock-up, but happily took credit for the postive consequences. Furthermore, the point behind the inquiry is that it wasn’t merely a poor departmental policy… there are allegations of wide-spread malfeasance.

      That’s the problem with presenting yourself as the great panjarum… people think everything stops with you.

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