NHS Highland to End Funding for Plain Water Medication

About bloody time.  Last month, the BBC revealed that three homeopaths had told it that they gave a “homeopathic prophylaxis” intended to replace the MMR vaccine which has created public fears not seen since the 1961 autism outbreak.

One of the three, Karen Jarvis received referals from NHS Highland.

The Director of Public Health in NHS Highland, Dr. Margaret Somerville (not to be mistaken for the Margaret Somerville who is medical ethicist at McGill University and what homeopaths never will be: a qualified pharmacist) has said there is no evidence that these remedies work. 

Already complaints have been made:

A patients’ representative is to make a formal complaint against NHS Highland over its board’s decision to end funding for homeopathic treatment.


But Gavin Hogg, a member of the patients’ forum Highland Health Voices, said the board was prejudiced against homeopathic remedies.

Yes, that is because they are bogus without a jot of evidence in support (TM. Simon Singh 2009).

With the tens of thousands of pounds NHS Highland had been spending on support for homeopathic remedies, perhaps services such as the Dunbar Hospital in Thurso would not be in such danger.


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