What Should They Apologize For?

Buoyed on by recognition in Australian officialdom for its role in the catastropic introduction of a paleolithic society to the Modern Era and then Space Age in just a few generations, some community activist has called upon the Scottish Parliament to apologize for centuries of State policy towards Gypsies and Travellers (not a single group, as it happens).

Mistreatment of identified social/ethnic/religious groups occurs throughout the historical record, and to ‘apologize’ for one might as well lead to apologizing for the whole of history.¬† Furthermore, although official frustration of Traveller and Gypsy lawful activity does occur, there is considerable State support for their itinerant lifestyle and conferring of full civil rights.

I wonder if apologies have been issued to the residents of Abbey Road in Torry, Aberdeen upon in area a Traveller cortege has ensconced itself.


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