The Last of the Free

This represents the last of both my own-grown potatoes and onions. (That said, I have retained the largest onion to use as a pagan offering to the soil next spring.)

Unless I can stretch out the leeks, I suspect I will starve this winter. Oh, no, there always is Tescos.



2 Responses to “The Last of the Free”

  1. Pierrot Grenouille Says:

    I guess you didn’t sow a lot of potatoes, onions :)

    I did the same 3 years ago. They lasted until november as well. So I assume you sowed more or less the same quantity (not a lot, it took me 2 or 3 hours with the help of a farmer friend), no tractor, no nothing: muscles and sweat.


    • efrafandays Says:

      Aye, it was a small garden area… although for next year I’ll have a full allotment, so hope to last until March before going foraging at Tesco.

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