Neolithic Cairn Network Identified at Shebster

Two topics guaranteed to raise passions in Caithness are windfarms and the decommissioning of Dounreay. Now a developer for the former has identified a potential source of income when the latter is realized.

The John o’Groat Journal reports on surveys of the existing Cnoc Freiceadain long cairn site at Shebster which were commissioned by Baillie Wind Farms of which Westfield farmers Tom and Steve Pottintger are co-owners. An additional cluster of Bronze Age to Early Iron Age cairns has been identified.

The sense of complacency allowed by five decades of easy employment from the nuclear establishments has meant that other areas of the local economy are woefully under-developed, unlike nearby Orkney which has been pursuing the tourist and other paths for decades. The Groat quotes the Pottingers as saying plans are afoot to develop an interactive tourist centre around the cairns which would be separate from the planned windfarm sites, and for five figure sums or more to be donated to local community funds.

(Illustrated aerial photograph of Cnoc Freiceadain copyright Hamish Fenton.)


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