First Strawberry Flower


Here at Efrafa Warren, we are very fond of plants… especially those torn from the ground and served on a plate.  This is the first year I have attempted strawberries, and have started-off big with some three dozen in the home garden: plants which I skolled from another allotmenteer last autumn.

When I was laying them in October, a four year old boy came to enquire what they were.  On hearing they were strawberries, he declared that he might “borrow” some.

Yesterday, after the roots had spread-out over winter, I decided that it was high time to do serious weeding between each plant.  Taking an authenic East African jembe (almost three quarters of a century old, and still going strong), I filled three pails with weeds and then worked-in some additional compost.

I saw the first of the white flowers last night, and inspecting the patch this morning saw another two on the same plant.


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