Felled Trees in Thurso Boating Pond

During the event of explosive cyclogenesis last November, a tree on one of the the crannogs in Thurso boating pond came down. And still it hasn’t been removed.

As the above snap shows, it now is attracting a stream of algal growth in a spot which attracts the model boat club, paddle-boat users and the canoe club to name but three. Putting aside that, although it is providing shelter for the ducks at the moment, come winter, it will look distinctly skeletal and unattractive.

If Caithness Countryside Volunteers wish to venture into the heaving metropolis of Thurso, this would be a decent enough task for them to tackle.

Further-up the pond, the metal covers on one of the storm drain still has not been replaced. Not only does this let in a sluice of emulsified bilge water and junk, it provides a terrifying maw for a small passerby to fall into.

Not long ago opened with much fanfare is a play park, offering a tempting downwards slope of a few yards to this and the unfenced pond edge. Immediately across the road is the swimming pool with grounds which could have cited a play park, with any water well removed from small children.


One Response to “Felled Trees in Thurso Boating Pond”

  1. Tree Removal New York Says:

    It does look very nice in the water now, but like you said come winter its going to be horrid. It will haunt that lake if it stays. Is it still there? Or is anybody working to get it out?

    -Carlos Hernandez

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