Derelict Tesco Site in Thurso

I am not a reflexive Tesco basher. Those who seem to be a mixture of professional malcontents who seek out grievances from any and all manifestation of ‘corporate’ industry and those with sufficient disposable income or free time to seek-out cheap and reliable produce from multiple outlets to feed and clothe their families.

In isolated towns such as Thurso, large corporate entities such as Tesco are more likely to be willing to invest time and finances in opening well-stocked stores. Electrical items, easy-to-access veg and frozen goods, a dozen types of cooking oil which not-so long ago would have required a 200 round trip to Inverness.

And oft-heard lament that Asda would be a better bet sums-up this confused approach and vague talk of the need for “competition” perfectly considering that Asda is part of the corporate behemoth which is Walmart.

Yet, the sorry story – a mixture of failure to engage by tiers of government, Tesco’s indifference to community complaints and the persistence at Holyrood of a Government which believes that the Far North will retain its affluent past with the demise of Dounreay – which has been the proposed new Tesco site in Thurso is beginning to try my patience. More than anything, the sight of mounds of rubble is not a good welcome to tourists arriving at the adjacent railway station.


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