Looking for the Transit of Venus from Bettyhill

With the 2012 Transit of Venus being between 2209 UTC on 5 June and 0449 UTC on 6 June, it was going to be a tight squeeze to see it around sunrise in and around Caithness. As the evening drew on yesterday, I took one look at the advancing rain clouds, and decided not to attempt it from my vantage point at sea-level.

Local skywatcher, Peter Dyson toddled up the Aird Mor by Bettyhill for 0430 GMT. Alas, according to the John o’Groat Journal, he was disappointed (and soggy).

All the same, it was a better outcome than the doomed astronaut in Arthur C. Clarke’s short, Transit of Earth. Despite getting to view this phenomenon on 2 May 1984 from the Martian surface, he did so with the knowledge that no rescue craft was en route.


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