Public Meeting on Re-Opening All Star Factory Site in Thurso

After the latest incarnation of the All Star Factory went into liquidation in 2009 despite local authority and community funding, the site in Ormlie was boarded-up. A sale at auction in 2011 did not come to much as it was realized that desired planning permission for luxury flats would not be easily forthcoming, and the site has lain in ugly disuse since now.

Promising news has come with the announcement that Highland and Islands Enterprises is considering partnership with a newly created limited company called Thurso Cinema (found also on Facebook).

Details about it and its owner, Rob Arthur are sketchy. The company appears to be operating out of Preston, which makes me wonder if this the same Rob Arthur who recently stood-down as managing director of independent chain, Apollo Cinemas. (This website appears to be subscription only, so I am going only on the blurb at the top.)

A public meeting is being held at the Pentland Hotel on Friday ay 1900hrs. Looks interesting.


2 Responses to “Public Meeting on Re-Opening All Star Factory Site in Thurso”

  1. George o'hara Says:

    Rob Arthur was indeed Director at Apollo Cinemas, before he brought that company to it’s knees.

    • efrafandays Says:

      Well, the current PR model seems to be operating largely from [free] Facebook and placing ads in shop windows.

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